Scotty Cameron Putter Education + Putter Fitting Tips

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond


Isabelle Paquin says:

Really great video mate!!!

David Finn says:

Can the weights be changed to counter toe hang ???

Mark M says:

Toe flo rofl

Nate _ M says:

Great advice Peter helped alot

Mio Mei says:

Can the putter use outside the green,

Trion Cobra says:

helped a lot

Jack Tulips says:

Why does he say "pudder" really annoying

J M says:

Hi Rick, could you re-upload & please do a sly look & smile at the camera every time he says length

Jakob Nordin says:

You can look at golf in two ways. Either it’s about constructing the best material OR it’s about mastering the sport. I would like it more if golf was played with blade irons and putters that are just made out of one material like a oldschool blade putter. Golf should be about getting confidence in the clubs you own and not buying new clubs and hoping they will make you a better player.

Technical World says:

What is your height

Paul Aveyard says:

hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a new putter in the very near future. most golfers dream is to have a scotty cameron putter and I'm looking to get one but I'm finishing it hard to find a good place to get fitted properly. I don't want to use american golf as I feel they are not really good enough any body have suggestions I live in Leeds England cheers!.

Kyle Guloy says:

I like Rory Mcilroys mallet putter

John Malibu2 188 says:

What I like about you Peter , you allow the guy to talk , unlike others who bombard with questions then answer them for the guy they are busy interviewing , You have another subscriber , Unfortunately I bought a Scotty Newport 2 Before i saw this Vid , thinking i may of bought the wrong putter now 🙁

Morty P says:

So we all need a scotty man to fit us,difficult if you live in europe imo

Morty P says:

I got a limited edition scotty but very skinny black head,like it but bit unsuited to eye

Tyler Nguyen says:

Thx it will help me out during high school thx Peter

hbyrdut says:

Some things that weren't addressed are grip size, shape and adding weight. I would love to see how Titleist fits someone for a grip. I've been to Golfsmith and PGA tour Superstore and surprisingly they aren't set up to fit for grips.

Damage, Inc. says:

I can beat most people's asses with a putter from Kmart.

AJ SUN says:

You're a good man Peter!

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