Sean Foley reveals the secret to better golf!

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I’m Going to Reveal The SECRET to Enjoying Spectacular Golf In Your 50s, 60s, 70s, and Beyond…

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stephen f says:

I guess we're talking about the insides of the feet more or less under the hip joints, not "stance lines under the pelvis." If you look at where his feet are in the "vanilla" spot at about 6:10, the feet are actually outside both hip joints and whole pelvis. He is right on the principle, though.

stephen f says:

So by "the secret to better golf," we mean "some points on the difference between driver setup versus setup for other shots, and the reasons for that."

Kyle Greear says:

Great lesson Sean I bought hundreds of dollars of digital products that I cannot access like all of yours that they sold at Revolution Golf I wonder how many of us loyal customers were left holding the bag while Justin Tupper made his millions.

Steven W says:

Love to know the story about why Tiger changed his “Harmon” swing to Haney and this guy. Was it injury or jealousy of Butch getting too much credit. The swing of the early 2000’s was something to see. Now, not so much.

diliviof says:

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Daniel fernandez says:

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Andre Fecteau says:

Cmon Sean, it's a putting game, not a long drive contest, TV golf is killing real golf. Few can swing the modern 46" drivers, let alone putt.

Golf Coach JC says:

Excellent video Sean, do you not think when you move the ball forward the body is naturally rotated left due to the left hand moving further left and the right arm stretching across the body. Therefore to square the shoulders and create natural arm hang the side bend of the right side is a natural consequence to bring the right elbow further left enabling square alignment.

barry nicholas says:

No wonder he charges by the hour.

zahnas sunil says:

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Jofinsky says:

Care to know the real secret to golf? It's quite simple! Just … oh wait … phone ringing … be back later…

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