Secret DRIVER hack || How to SET UP for DRIVER

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In this video, Adam is revealing his secret hack on how to SET UP for DRIVER. Joey is working on the proper feels during his driver set up in order to launch his driver to the moon!

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Porzak Golf says:

Anyone sending BOMBS after watching this video? 💣🏌‍♀⛳

Vex Luthor says:

Dude….you’re seriously one of the best coaches in the entire world.

Emiliano Meneses says:

Hey Adam, just watched the video…

Great content dude! Amazing how your wording makes it easy to understand how the golf swing works!

One question though, you said to go through the ball with short game, you also mean short irons or just wedges?

John Nguyen says:

I hate how he uses “buddy” and “pal” so condescending.

Rickie4 says:

Adam I know your big for the hip bump at setup,but what does it actually do?

maeu59 says:

I just discovered your channel a week about ago and have picked up more good tips than any other so called YouTube coaches. And what I find from video to video is the consistency, you have a system and you stick with it. I watch other guys and they tend to be all over the place.
Too bad I wasn’t aware of you sooner, I live in NY but I was in San Diego in November, would have loved to take a lesson…..maybe next time. Keeping myself busy watching your videos and I’m already seeing positive results. Good stuff!

b gzales says:

Amazing video as always. I learn something new each time I watch each video. Who will benefit from the head cover under the right arm pit? Thanks again.

Doug Folk says:

Great content! Ya make it look/sounds so easy

Martin Shaffer says:

Like the setup routine, yet I can't seem to set up with feet square..tried but hurts my old back??? Any comments for older golfer?

Jim Forte says:

Yes! I found with all clubs that the more I “give blood” with my trail arm, the easier it is for me to control the club face and rotate on the downswing.

76MUTiger says:

The head shadow and ball drill is gold! You can do it on the course to reinforce your form.

Bill D says:

I would love to see you publish a bulleted list of checkpoints for each type of golf swing from driver to putter that I could keep in my golf bag. You could sell them for whatever you wanted and they would be worth it. Something like a laminated card that clips to the bag or kept inside.

Billy Commons says:

Very nice lesson! Been improving my game by watching your videos! Hoping to see a draw with driver special! Thanks again.

Rick U says:

Adam your dads knife lesson is bang on, very very wise words from the old man there!

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