See how Moe Norman held the golf club – Grip analysis video – Single plane setup

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In this video you can see exactly how Moe Norman held the golf club. What many people call his grip.

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Gale Rauschenberger says:

I played this way for years and then tried to switch two years ago but I am
back in the fold again. Shooting in the mid to high 70s on a 6200 yard
course in Chandler AZ. I am 65 and I have a problem with my neck. Going
back to the swing helped me take some pressure off my neck and surprisingly
I am hitting the all longer. I was 10 yards short of the green on a short
290 yard green here yesterday. I like the way you teach the swing on your
vids versus the tapes I have purchased in the past from another guy who
knew Moe Norman. I also own the Natural golf tapes and the book they
published a number of years ago. Just wanted to say I appreciate what you
are doing.

Jerry Bryan says:

I am puzzled about where the face of the club should point in the address
position, since the club is 6-12 inches to the right of the ball. Should
Is the face open slightly, or should it be square to the target line?
Also, in the videos, it appears to me that Moe addresses the ball slightly
toward the heel of his club. Is this true? 

garbabby says:

Thank you for clearing that up for me 

Floyd Whitney says:

why am i losing so much distance with this swing?

garbabby says:

Moe used a 10 finger baseball grip

Iknowmoe says:

Great footage…. you are on the money with the grip..
How many Canadian Senior Championships did Moe win?

moses manamela says:

How do I aligned my self to the target or the point where I want my ball to
be. the other thing is to measure the distance.

Garth Downton says:

Are there any views looking in from Moe’s left side at setup? The only
views I have seen are out to the target or side views.

Lea Pustetto says:

In his later videos he had a baseball grip.? Which do you recommend

donjvalley says:

I tried this style grip for 12-years but recently switched to the
“separated” hand grip that Moe changed to in 1992 and used for the next
22-years until he died in 2004. He said the revised grip was “better” and I
agree. He also said, I believe in another of your videos that he got his
“revised” swing from Manuel de la Torre and I also think he mentioned
Edward Jones. His swing changed a lot from 1966 to 1992 and beyond in terms
of grip, footwork, etc….You do make good quality videos, thank you….

bigdaddy gator says:

I am confused. In the Dec 2013 video, Moe uses a palm, non-overlapping
grip. He says overlap is bad. In this video, he uses an overlap. Can you
explain this, please?

Lea Pustetto says:

In his later videos he had a baseball grip.? Which do you recommend

Howie Karasick says:

Great stuff kurt…………….i wocnder if i might ask for you to do a
super slo motion of MOES hands only on the takeaway……………thanks

Carlos Vizcarrondo says:

I have been practicing the single plane swing and i have been connecting
the golf ball very consistence but I do need some help with the right leg

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