Seeing Disc Golf Lines – with disc names 2015

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This is not a how to video, it is a remake of our first SDGL video 15 months later. With new discs and lines the hang in the air, so you can see 4 at once. We were not aiming for the target the whole time! , just making shapes/warming up/having fun. We are much better than this 😉 we were throwing everything in our bags, so this is not a great setup to show Distance Drivers in full flight. but interesting none the less to see how they behave at lower speeds.


Synthescape says:

I love the tracer effect that you guys used in after effects ! Great
I replicated for my own putting lines and it has been very very useful !
Anyone out there with AE who wants my settings for this tracer effect, let
me know and I’ll send them to you. 

jimbobbillygoat says:

Very interesting! Glad I read your comments, too, so that I didn’t make
some stupid judgemental comment about comparing apples to apples! 🙂

I definitely dig the hole that you created here. That’s a really cool
piece of land. And watching the first Stingray do its thing was very
cool! Thanks for the vid!

The Disc Golf Dudes says:

Great effect!! Love it, any luck masking out the ghosting on the players?

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