SEMI-FINAL #2 // ST-Z vs. SIM2 MAX // The 2021 Driver Bracket

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Find out which driver will meet the Tour Edge C721 in the 2021 Bracket Finals! Will it be the Mizuno ST-Z or the Taylormade SIM2 Max??

0:00 // Intro
2:34 // The Action
8:48 // The Winner is…

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



Barracatcher says:

Awesome upset for the final. This years winner vs last years would be a great video.
Tour edge has my underdog support.

MKZ-Toten says:

That's an absolute shocker. Dang. Like Wow!

AP76 says:

Deserved winner. The Mizuno for me has been the most impressive driver in the bracket this year.⛳?️??

Shady says:

I think the Tour Edge is going to win, because it's going to be easier for Matt to keep it on line while he's giving it everything.

Will Brown says:

“I felt that one, deep in ma soul…” ??

Wouldn’t hate to hear that any time I pipe one


tour edge wins!!!!

René Veilleux says:

My pick is Mizuno

Rob Coates says:

For the consumer, it's pretty clear you can go with what fits your eye, your budget and your preference for feel/sound without any concerns that you're giving up any performance.

hansi delk says:

Love you guys!

Reggie says:

All these drivers are children of the Ping G400.

Jake Baillie says:

Even though I play the Sim Max myself (Which I love!), There is something refreshing about seeing the underdog take the dub! Loving the bracket. I'm cheering for Mizuno to sweep the comp!

Gareth Hill says:

Exciting stuff..?

Ricky Garcia says:

Once I get fitted I’m coming to you guys!

justicebdone says:

This final is like the Rhode Island State Rams vs the South Dakota Jackrabbits in the finals of March Madness lol! Since the Tour Edge kneecapped my Ping 425 I'll be rooting for it to get the big show win

Keith Robertson says:

Can you show a final leaderboard showing score for each club through the rounds?

Nathan Murray says:

Please please please. What chance of doing the Final as a live stream. Would love to see the whole process, all good shots all misses. Would be a great addition

Robert Reed says:

What would interesting… have the brand reps dial Matty in offline. Same shaft and loft. But it’s the brand that says he is ready to go to battle with their club. If they refuse they are out of the bracket and possibly harassed as chickens in the chat.

Coming on-screen Matty gets 5 shots to warm up with a driver, those shots are recorded but not counted. Then 10 shots in the bracket, alternating between clubs every 5 shots. If it goes out of the first cut the strike is not used and therefore not counted, that could be a huge advantage or defeat.

This puts the pressure on Matty to hit fairway finders… but this actually is closer to reality because he might have to dial it back for control. Something we as golfers do on the course, all the time.

Same scoring method as before. Or even better add Ian into the mix. 5 official shots for Matty and 5 for Ian. Same method as listed above but it adds on more player perspective.

Robert Reed says:

TourEdge will win. The occasional left leak will be Mizuno’s achilles heel.

What the TourEdge lacks in overall distance it makes up in spades with forgiveness and accuracy with off center strikes. Now granted in Marty’s hand the TourEdge is still hitting far.

Mark K says:

I want to have the club head speed of Matt!! 🙂

Jesse Foster says:

And the winner is… wildcard baby, tsi3!!

MrDesertchameleon says:

Matty had his morning Big Mac!

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