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In this week's Tech Tuesday we look at the shock announcement of Masters Champ Sergio Garcia leaving TaylorMade!


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Nathan Vanis says:

I use a Cure RX6. I really like it.

Baba Yaga says:

The reason why former Nike players like Koepka are using mixed bags is because Nike will continue to pay their equipment contract until it expires or they sign with another brand. Since Nike disbanded their equipment division, they're still obligated to pay their golfers even if they're no longer using the equipment because they chose not to produce the equipment, not the players. So Koepka is still getting paid by Nike so he unless another company is going to pay him to void his Nike equipment contract, he'll stick with the mixed bag. Look at Rory. Taylormade either paid Rory more than the Nike equipment contract or gave him same value with more years to officially sign an equipment deal with them. One thing that is always true, players of Sergio's stature don't play for free. Sergio wouldn't walk away from Taylormade deal unless a bigger and better deal was out there. He'll play with a tire iron if you pay him enough.

Kyle Everhart says:

I am super surprised, but I do think he will have a mixed bag.

Rogelio Ortega says:

My guess is that this will be the first of many Taylormade staffers not re-signing with them.  The new ownership is going to look to cut costs, and they have Day/Johnson/McIlroy/Rahm/possibly Tiger as the bell cows of the brand taking up a significant amount of money.

I always associated Sergio much more with Adidas than with Taylormade, but maybe that is just me.

Lawrence MacDonald says:

Indeed all about money

John Tomlin says:

Could he throw everyone off and play Titleiest?

ZolaLegend25CFC says:

Does the cure putter really have more moi than an L2 Putter? I use an L2 and it looks much bigger than the cure.

Adrian L says:

omg those putters hahahaha

Casteliero says:

Tiger is the reason for Sergios departure.

Chris Parent says:

Pete did you see the swing he made at his clinic with Chappell? His speed looks good!

Tony Medeiros says:


Hacker2024 says:

Sergio has always seemed to struggle with the taylormade putters!

Baz Walker says:

Hope he goes back to Titleist…

Maxolas 8877 says:

Go Tiger !!!!

TDM170 says:

Great video Pete. Well done! Love your content along with ricks

Joshua Court says:

I personally don't care either way if Tiger comes back to competitive golf, although I would rather he doesn't if that could mean keeping his back in better health. If you think about how hard it must be for him not to be able to play a game that he was arguably one of the or even the best player ever. Also anyone who is willing to commit the time that he did in his childhood must have a love of the game that dwarfs most of the other things in his life, and not being able to play golf anymore could be one of the major things that has caused him problems in the last few years (prescription drug abuse being one).

As long as Tiger is back playing golf, I don't think it makes a difference if he gets paid for it or not.

Raven Fuentes says:

This is truly a shock… Taylormade and Sergio were like peanut butter and sardines. But seriously, I hope he goes to Titleist.

Peter Sung says:

Is PXG is going to sue the putting company, which they are using scatter screw weights, or using black as the main colour?

Martin Gardner says:

Why all this crap about woods hitting a few irons woooooooo. The mans finished as a major force and golf dont need him anymore. Personally i think its sad stop living in the past ffs loads of young golfers out there who could do with the coverage

John Lawlor says:

What you don't see if Tiger collapse to the ground and 20 physio's run in to massage his back..

Peter Sung says:

It is all about money. Now he won a Major, TM probably will not increase the payment to him. TM has enough good players, one less will not make any difference. Callaway is most likely for SG. Watch the space!

fraser carnihan says:

PXG he has gone for cash

MyCharlesgreen says:

How do you know if a club(s) are suitable for putting in your bag unless you test them?. Utterly bizarre comment.

Squizzy Bollocks says:

Tiger is fooked.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

Sergio has been playing Taylor made even longer!! I have photos of him in 2010 using R9 clubs!!! New owner of TM is a private equity firm. They want bang for their buck. So they only want young top 10 in the world types. Also Tiger Woods is probably getting prepared for his comeback….. In the Champions Tour!! He's just not good enough for the PGA Tour. Too many long hitters now and Tiger has lost a lot of distance. Plus his injuries are still his weak point.

Raymond Yadusky says:

Sergio is going for the money. PXG. Tiger is finished, maybe we will see him on the Senior tour, later on.

Strad 4321 says:

But what we really want to know is how is Dad doing with the big switch to Titleist? Has he started making commercials yet?

Jonathan Phillips says:

Can't wait to see what you think of the Cures!

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