Sergio Garcia Testing The TaylorMade R11S Driver

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Watch Sergio Garcia testing the TaylorMade R11s driver – the most tunable driver ever!

TaylorMade R11S Driver — How Do You Improve On Perfection? The Answer Is Make It Bigger & More Adjustable!

Following on from the original, award winning R11 driver, TaylorMade have achieved the impossible and improved on perfection! The R11S Driver has been increased to the maximum 460cc head size and comes with even more adjustability, allowing every golfer to fine tune each and every drive!

View the full details on the TaylorMade R11s woods here –


00Phat12345 says:

‘That definitely felt better’. Have fun playing from the left rough every
hole Sergio.

therottenrook says:

My god, he crushes it. 312 like it was nothing. He could hit 312 all day.

Charles Balce says:

Now win a Major Sergio! Vamos Sergio!!

Smokey Bacon says:

how pure is the last ball flight!

Noallegiance says:

I’ll defend my well-proven point until someone comes up with alternative
statistics showing that Sergio is “one of the best ball strikers ever”. The
stats I have produced show that he isn’t. Just because my comments are
unpopular doesn’t make me wrong. So everyone else can be quiet until they
prove me, history and statistics wrong. Good luck with that. If not, all of
you can continue to have your world shaped by media hype. Good luck with
that, too.

Noallegiance says:

My point is perfectly valid and proven in every walk of life. Business and
sales care not for logic or reality, just the notion that buying something
can make your life better in some way. And 8.7 down to 5.7 isn’t in driving
(well done, by the way). It’s in chipping and putting. For the strength of
sales and advertising refer to the case in discussion – you. Sales has made
you believe you couldn’t hit a fairway before the ‘miracle club’. You
could. You played off 8.7. Believe yourself not hype

Evan Bennett says:

He is one of the best ball-strikers of all time. Don’t throw a temper
tantrum just because you are jealous.

Typhoontimmy says:

Slice? Dafaq you high thats a small fade.

eduardo falcon says:

Its weird how the ball comes so fast straight downon the first and second
shot, that happends to me always

Ball Striker says:

If he had Tiger’s mental toughness and focus, Sergio would of won a few
majors by now. It’s a shame, such a lovely swing too.

Noallegiance says:

You chose your actions and choose to call it a waste of your time. Not my
fault or my problem.

Mox_au says:

yeah the stikes are good, but the accuracy is all over the fuckin place at

Noallegiance says:

1. Expression and display of the facts isn’t a temper tantrum. 2. Don’t let
your attitude be dictated by media hype. 3. He’s not one of the best. There
is no basis upon which to claim that he is one of the best. 4. Don’t let
being a fanboy cloud your judgement of the facts. 5. You’re welcome. 6. I’m
not jealous. That would be silly.

Will b says:

i never declared he was the best ball striker. I gave you a reason as to
why people think he is the best in hope that you would shut up!

John Molina says:

bigger. faster. longer. more TUNABLE 🙂

Will b says:

shut up your dictionary freak.. your ‘articulate’ comment get so many
dislikes it can’t be viewed anyway. haha.

Noallegiance says:

Squashing the ball and hitting it hard does not make him one of the
greatest ball strikers ever. As usual, the majority get swept along with
sensationalism and turn things that aren’t into things they think are. What
I say is not my truth, just THE truth. Yes, I am relentless. I have to be
in the face of the equally relentless mediocre and brain-washed rhetoric.
However, I don’t see it as a waste of time. It’s a waste of time trying to
convince yourself of something that isn’t.

spinmilled64 says:

@iknowwhatsoundsgood oh ok

Noallegiance says:

See previous stats. He’s not. And so what if people are using old clubs?

themysteryofhl3 says:

fried chicken

Torsten Nielsen says:

Seems like Garcia got a cap for his trouble – those pro players get all the

FrostyTheFool says:

Very true, he has been out of form as of late. I was more so referring to
when sergio was in his golfing prime. He led the tour in total driving for
several years in a row if I recall correctly. (Early 2000s). Not trying to
start an argument, but he is pretty well known as being one of the best
drivers and ball-strikers of all time.

Heisenberg says:

Sergio is one of the best ball strikers in the game today. It could make
your game better. Someone reading your comment could still be playing with
the auld wooden sticks.

Will b says:

please be quiet

Will b says:

The source of the argument was your self confessed incorrect point about
Sergio spraying the ball about. Thank you for accepting it was painfully
inaccurate but don’t start another pathetic argument, that I have just been
involved in, over a comment I made in frustration over wasting my time
proving a stupid point.

Noallegiance says:

So are you arguing a point you know to be wrong? weird. The whole idea
initially wasn’t to debate whether he is or isn’t a good ball striker. It’s
more the fact that regardless of the ridiculous gadgets that club
manufacturers come up with, the public need to get into their head that
they cannot buy a better game. Never have been able to, never will. Save
your money, ignore marketing and go and work hard on technique and playing
the game. No club will fix your game. As it hasn’t with Sergio.

Will b says:

I was ACTUALLY arguing against the ridiculous point you made about sergio
spraying the ball about. He wouldn’t be joint second in The Players at this
very moment if he sprayed the ball about, would he? Granted, he
occasionally hits a wild shot, but who doesn’t?

Ben Steele says:

He looks really excited to hear about the club…..

BenJogan says:

yeah why not… and maybe we’ll also invent clubs which can hit the ball
with no golfer swinging them, so the game will get way more interesting…

remmy100 says:

@Noallegiance True, new equipment wont improve your swing, but Serg is one
of the best ball strikers on tour. As many have already said, it was his
putting that was holding him back.

Noallegiance says:

No. I just don’t work for Taylormade therefore I don’t want everybody to go
buying the next over-priced, over-advertised lame arse attempt at making
money…..which appears to work on lame arse consumers thinking they can
get a better golf game by buying it.

FrostyTheFool says:

Sergio is one of the best drivers of all time… Just not a very good
putter. Learn your stuff buddy.

The LoudAssasin says:

Thank you by the way and yes it might be down to me. People have different
playing style’s and feel too for me the R11 worked wonder’s but for other
people may be not. But the problem is people just take the shit out of
Taylor made for advertising a very good club. By the way i tried out both
driver’s at the testing station old one and R11 and i was hitting way
better with the R11. . If people are too stupid to look at the fact’s
rather than the video they shouldn’t walk into the shop to buy it.

danny byrne says:

He probably hits the straightest

audiopro316 says:

In the beginning, he looks completely uninterested in what the dude in
white is babbling about… Sergio is thinking “yeah yeah yeah, let me hit
it and i’ll tell you if its better.”

Dissco Burr says:

@Noallegiance Nah, that’s only his putting. His ball-striking has always
been good.

Will b says:

you weren’t particularly articulate with the comment about Sergio spraying
the ball about..?

Noallegiance says:

Shut up YOU dictionary freak. Your articulate comment GOT so many dislikes
etc etc…..Stay out of conversations too complex for your small brain. I
made a comment, I backed it up. If you don’t understand it that’s not my
boggle. It’s all very easy to comprehend. Go away.

Noallegiance says:

Shouldn’t have changed his equipment then. I rest my case.

The LoudAssasin says:

Really? I bought this club and the cobra amp and the Taylor made was way
better in every way i play of a 5.7 handicap. Before the Taylor made i was
a 8.7 could not even find most fairway’s but the r11 suited me. If it was
down to the golfer why is tiger wood’s using new club’s? Why create new
club’s your point is invalid.

Chris McDonell says:

fried chiken

Paul Allen says:

wow, good eye man hahahahaha.

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