Setting up this far from the ball will help your golf swing

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Setting up too close or too far away from the golf ball will make it very difficult for you to make a great swing and strike through the ball. Here's a really simple check for you to use to ensure you start your golf swing the correct distance from the ball.

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Ben Jonson says:

Will give it a try.

Perry Wiggins says:

Best tip I’ve seen. Thanks.

Steve Norman says:

Hi Natalie,
Once again you’ve given a very simple tip which I’ve just tried and found I’ve been standing too close to the ball! My ball striking has improved in a couple of minutes! That’s down to you. Thanks again for your easy to understand tips.

Raymon Kravagna says:

Probably hard to swing with those big jugs

Linda Powell says:

One thing that comes into play that you don’t mention, is the length of ones arms. That means a great deal when setting up to hit a shot. Your advice is solid, just wanted to add that about arm length.

Tom 54 says:

Hi Natalie, I saw your response about the toe of the club should be slightly up off the ground. Never had heard that before. Does that help so that hopefully the toe doesn’t strike the ground in such a way as to open the club face at impact. I’ve tried standing closer to the ball but assumed it was wrong because the toe wasn’t flush on the ground. Will definitely give it a second try. Thanks and hope you are doing well

Darrin Boehmer says:

Great information! Easy to get lazy in the setup. Thanks so much !!

sptt 144 says:

First time I have ever seem that and Im liking it even before I try it!

Alan Jordan says:

I set up ball middle of the club and generally hit out of the toe, this may be the answer, thanks 😎
P.s. same drill for all clubs from driver to wedge?

matthew orge says:

Thanks so much, this is good for all clubs?

Hi from Canada.

Haichen Yang says:

Very clear and concise instructions, I like it very much thank for doing that

Curtis Perdue says:

Great video

Chester Micek says:

Natalie, I notice you never reply to any of the comments made; this time, I wish you would. With my irons, I like to set up so that I have the most iron on the turf. My thought is that gives me the most hitting surface. Does this jive or conflict with your instructions?

Roy Rubin says:

I have never seen this check before. I always struggle with distance from the ball, hmmmmm…

lovetogolf says:

Awesome..Thank You!!

Jon Bowie says:

"Bent over too much will give you a flat swing" WOW.

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