Seve Ballesteros Ryder Cup 1997 Valderrama End Montage

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trish cuthbert says:

We gonna Rader cup sky sports 2014!

richierobz says:

No words can describe the beauty of this version of the classic My Way. 

Golf in Spain says:

We happened to be there. This was our first golf event ever! Unforgettable.

StFidjnr says:

the same thing happened again in 2010 But this time a blue Sunday and a red
Monday in celtic manor

MrDave1297 says:

@kcthatsawinner. Nah I “Blame” Seve for being an inspirational captain and
the European Team being vastly superior than that of the Yanks in 97. I’m
sure we will retain the cup this year also.

Onmercury says:

RIP Seve.

sss2184 says:

And only you could know the pain… You weren’t afraid to face the devil…
You were no stranger to the rain… Go rest high on that mountain…. Seve
the Legend!

MA Lonesome says:

Seve inmortal!!

FlyinDutchman78 says:

Ballesteros, the most elegant golf player of all time, RIP

StFidjnr says:

the USA made a rally on sunday only to fall one point short.

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