Seve’s Miraculous Bunker Shot 1983 Ryder Cup

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One of the greatest golf shots ever by one of the greatest golfers ever Seve Ballesteros and the footage cannot be found!
Surely during the final day, at the 18th hole, at the Ryder Cup, the cameras caught this!
Where is it? Why is it not shown?

HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN IT? At least then we will know a recording was made of it.


Makus Dhy says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaand??????????????? u use youtube for upload this shit???

kingshearer2 says:

Greatest shot by my greatest player of all time – where is it ?

Lucinda Larkin says:

This isn’t even a video of the shot, why the fuck is it on YouTube?

Phil Poulton says:

I think footage does exist. I’d bet my life I saw this shot on the TV when
he played it. There was a camera behind him and being such a tight game the
cameras must have been on them. RIP Seve.

frazzled924 says:

Golf channel has 83 Ryder cup on tonight

rob shelley says:

yes I remember this shot, one of the best I’ve ever seen and nobody seems
to mention it much


Seve’s Miraculous Bunker Shot 1983 Ryder Cup:


We are still waiting for some news. at :36 to see the actual 3 wood!

mikeyevs says:

I had this shot recorded on betamax. It was an areal shot from the blimp.
Somebody must have it somewhere.

Sevefan says:

Hunt out that Betamex tape…its gold dust!!!!!

MrAJR76 says:

Legendary photographer Phil Sheldon got a series of stills of Seve playing
this shot. Sadly, I think that’s all that exists.

dokgolf says:

I remember this shot, but the picture in my head was that the camera was
behind the bunker when Seve was taking the shot. I could be wrond, but I
thought that there was a camera following every match.

MrAJR76 says:

@ianess If you really think you’ve seen this shot “on several occasions”
you’re either genuinely mistaken or lying. No footage of it exists. I’ve
seen all the recorded footage there is of the final day of the ’83 Ryder
Cup, and it starts about half an hour after Seve’s match had finished. In
those days the Ryder Cup was very low priority on the American TV networks.

Rockman Tone says:

There is not video of that shot, just the eye witnesses of that day. Don’t
look for the video, it doesn’t exist anywhere.

Sevefan says:

@MrAJR76 I’m with @ianess on this one, he describes it like I remembered
seeing it. I’m nearly sure I saw it live or soon after on highlights or
news reports. It has to be out there!

Phil Hamilton says:

Stevefan, great idea of making this video. No, I can’t find a video of his
shot on the 18th hole of the 1983 Ryder Cup. I see videos of him in the
1983 Masters. I’m sure someone… somewhere… has a video of this. Maybe
your video will lead us to it.

jelynch says:

Seve now looks odds-on to lose a match he really should have won. Seve
picks the ball cleanly off the surface and glares as it curves 50 yards
from left to right before landing just off the putting surface.

Sevefan says:

@HankJMH Thank you HankJMH, meant to make this for some time. If only one
person is sure they saw this then the clip must be out there
somewhere…..spread the word!

ianess says:

There must be a video – I have seen this incredible shot on several
occasions. What a sad death.

Sevefan says:

@nathanmoffett2002 Can you remember when and where you have seen it? Views
are currently split, some say they’ve seen it, some say it wasn’t recorded.
Thanks for your comment.

Jerry Bryan says:

I witnessed the shot. It happened. I lived in Palm Beach Gardens in 1983,
right by PGA National. I followed Fuzzy & Seve (with Seve’s girlfriend) the
entire match. When I saw his lie in the bunker there was no doubt in my
mind he was laying up. He didn’t. His 3-wood cleared the lip by about an
inch & my first though was, it’s in the water. When it landed on the green
I was stunned, as was everyone else. But that was Seve – he didn’t make you
applaud…he made you slack-jawed in disbelief.

Sevefan says:

@jelynch Well described!!!!! But would love to see it. Have you?

15rmunro says:

Sevefan, I work for a company who are in the early stages of producing a 60
min documentary on the great mans life. I have been tasked with finding
this shot. I will regularly check this page to see if anyone has any info
on where the footage of this shot could be. I work for a large production
company and will add the video if I do manage to find it. Faldo said this
week that he too thought it was the greatest shot of all time.

MrAJR76 says:

@ianess Not meaning to be rude, I’m just very sceptical. I’ve been a golf
nut since the mid-80s, the biggest Ryder Cup (and Seve fan) for 25 years,
and there hasn’t been one video, documentary or piece of footage that I
haven’t seen in that regard. And yet I’ve never once seen ‘the shot’ (&
clearly I’d remember it!). Look how many Seve documentaries have been made,
especially since he died. Every TV network in the world will have been
scouring their archives for it, and yet no-one’s found it.

Sevefan says:

@ianess Thats fantastic news! At least we now now the clip exists. Please
check your old video’s, who knows! Thanks again for your reply, and yes, a
sad end to a fine sports man.

Nathan Moffett says:

I’ve seen it

Nathan Moffett says:

Yes I do remember where I saw it England in a golf store in York.

Sevefan says:

@ianess Ianess, you have confirmed what I had in my memory of the shot, an
aerial view. I wasn’t sure but now we both cant be wrong!!! Can you
remember when and where you saw it?

Sevefan says:

@zipazoid Wow! It must have looked amazing from your viewpoint! The shot
cannot be found on tape, its out there, I’m 99% sure I have seen it. Any
help in getting it would be gratefully appreciated.

wildernessuk says:

Way before American TV companies treated the Ryder cup seriously… so I
doubt (sadly) on camera… Seve RIP..

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