Shell Golf| Ben Hogan vs Sam Snead | HD

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Arguably two of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Hogan with 64 tour wins and Snead with 82 tour wins duel it out at the Houston Country Club in Texas .

Ben Hogan and Sam Snead with Gene Sarazen Houston Country Club U.S.A. in SHELL'S Wonderful World of GOLF A Shell Sports Presentation DVD Available .

I edited this with several swing of both in super slow motion in an attempt to view the transfer from completing the back swing to the start of the downswing to see .

It was a rare privilege and a splendid experience to see Ben Hogan and Sam Snead in head-to-head competition; however that's what occurred at the Houston .


izzydeherrera says:



Snead hit the ball so well probably never missed the sweet spot, but he couldn’t hit the sweet spot with his putter, sad, because he was a great putter in his prime and so was Hogan. Both are ball striking machines and with the equipment they played with it was so much more difficult, and I can personally attest playing College golf with balata balls and wooden drivers and tiny blade irons.

e james says:

2 legendary golf swings………2 dodgy putters

phil murphy says:

only one hogan hulk hogan

k carr says:

⛳⛳⛳Two Legend Players. To think of that old technology of equipment they were playing, but yet they were flying them into the fairways and greens. (Sam Snead- 1912-2002) (Ben Hogan- 1912-1997) RIP ! Hope there is Golf in Heaven, these guys surely are playing over there ⛳⛳⛳

Dominick Esposito, Ph.D. says:

Hello "Charles Frazier" — New Research on "Mr. Hogan" confirms a "Cubic Science" in his swing and a "Hidden 45* Rotation" that explains "WHY" his swing works with great precision! – "Have A Look" < > I'm sure you will be interested!

Mdmchannel says:

Gene Sarazans mom dresses him funny

Reid Sheftall says:

Great ball striking but awful putting strokes. The greens sure were slow in those days… Legends… Hogan hit all 18 greens and a couple of par 5s in two… No one on the PGA Tour today ever does that. If not for WWII, crazy scheduling (you couldn't play in the PGA and British Open in the same year because they were too close on the calander for the Ship to get you there in time) and prize money so low these guys only went to the British once (and won it).. If not for these crazy problems, Hogan would have won 25 majors.. hell, the modern players ger 20+ chances at each major…

Khu NoPie says:

This is so wack

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