Shell Golf | Ben Hogan vs Sam Snead |

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Krazy Uncle says:

Hogan looked very uncomfortable putting but his swing was flawless throughout.

GS Grant says:

What is the speed of the greens, 4 on stimp meter.

aardvaark069 says:

at 3:41 you can see Hogans' yips

O. G. says:

I have to look away when they putt…..

oldcarboater says:

So Hogan hits a 6 iron 255 yds and did not look like he was swinging hard; Snead as well!

Joe M says:

I was waiting for someone to yell GET IN THE HOLE

e james says:

those are 2 dodgy putting strokes right there, ladies and gentlemen……………..

Joe Schmoe says:

They were both machines, especially Hogan. Such control over his ball flight, just awesome. Those greens were a little slow.. their putters probably weighed 10 pounds..

Frank ter Beek says:

So what year is this match then ?

Oscillatory says:

Man they pound those putts on the greens. So much wrist. Guess the old school lawn mowers couldn't cut them as low as today.

lilly bloom says:

Interesting how they both used a forward press as a swing starter, then started their backswing with their left side, Snead his legs, and Hogan his hips.

Peter Cavellini says:

And that's why San Snead never really dominated Golf then,he was just an average Putter,pro or Amateur.

Peter Cavellini says:

Old Pros don't lose there Balls,they just lose there Putting stroke,that's all the difference is.

Rob Parker says:

Wooden woods and blades, something to be said in their favour!

Fang Ben says:

The way they putted back then though

Robert Daugherty says:

Everybody looks shorter, like they just stepped out of Goofy's car.

ssjjcclle says:

Such class in golfers back then with easy flowing swings. Make the game look easy.

wkendhacker says:

14 fwys, 18 greens. unreal.

Ben Jonson says:

Playing through a thunderstorm.

Cole Brembs says:

I can understand now why I'm grandpa said the short game is most important.

Cole Brembs says:

I liked it better back then when people didn't just yell into the microphone

Archon Abraxas says:

Back when a man's waistline was 4" about his belly button.

slappy0077 says:

this has been on youtube for YEARS now….where is the Nicklaus match at Pebble??

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