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Rudding Park Golf Club:
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Kani Fuker says:

Great course and vlog, did Finchy hit the dislike button?. :P.

Scott Yule says:

Should be more of these type of courses,great way to get the kids to play
without having to do it on nine hole mud pits.really enjoyed it guys,keep
it up.

Jonbek says:

That was a pathetic shot from Finch on the last, so much room to the right

SuperJupiter33 says:

splash down …

gordon o'riordan says:

Great video guys slight problem, i subscribed to the Panting Pete chanel
that Rick mentioned and i think u gave the wrong name, i was watching it
and the girlfriend walked in slapped me and left me? Maybe u cud give the
right name to subscribe the next time, cheers

stu says:

Hi guys. There seemed to be lots of divots in all the tee boxes. Is it not
etiquette to place your sod back ??? Hope you enjoyed the course, I have
played this course and I agree for such a short course it is a real
challenge. If anyone lives less than 20 miles away it’s worth the trip if
not to just polish up your short game. There is a full 18 holer too. 

Vici Martynov says:

Poor Pete, robbed at the last – Yay, Rick finally hit the green – think I
would have avoided hole 5 as i couldn’t afford to lose a box of balls he

Dan Birkin says:

Really enjoyed the video guys !!! Need some more #ShielsvFinch !!! 

AndyNick211 says:

I live next to Sawgrass and play it 5 times a year. You guys should make a
trip down!

chance rhoads says:

Nice couple videos, beautiful course. Wish I had one like that around me.

Strat TelePaul says:

I believe you would find the actual 17th at Sawgrass a little easier. The
real green is much larger than yours. What caused me trouble was the
undulating fairways. Drives down the middle often wound up in the rough
which was impossible in spots.

tigerbalm says:

That Finch always look like he’s up to something…

Rick Shiels PGA says:


Shiels Vs Finch! 

MacClellandMan says:

Sawgrass 17th would keep me up thinking about it the night before a round.
Par is very respectable.

Simon Parfitt says:

That looks like a great little course! Unlucky Pete hahah so funny

JCRocksteady says:

Great little course for some short iron fun!
I notice you didn’t repair your pitch marks on the last two greens Mr
Shiels, even though they were only a step away from the ball – tut tut!

Alan Heseltine says:

Tough ending Pete, great vlog though guys. I always look forward to your
course vlogs and the close friendly competition between you and Pete.

cachazz77 says:

Rick any chance of a updated What’s In The Bag now you’ve got a few new
clubs, can see you’ve got some sort of Taylormade putter on this video.

jenbob0306 says:

Did I spot the new tm club in the bag there?? A little bird in Harrogate
mentioned you got a new vid lined up all ready for next week…looking
forward to that!

Andy M says:

Played Sawgrass about 100 times on my simulqtor never got a birdie on 17.

AJ says:

What an unlucky finish for Pete, but love to see the passion!

Xan Milligan says:

I also use the Shotsaver range finder, just as good as a Bushnell in my

Tadhg O’Connor says:

Great vid, best golf channels

FullTimeHypocrite says:

you guys take 3 minutes to hit 2 shots
what the fuck

99johnmatrix says:

Eskdale corse in Cumbria has a great island green hike. 

Chris Longley says:

One of your best videos guys….fantastic holes, drama drama drama!! a gem
of a facility!

James Major says:

Commenting that there wasn’t enough instruction on an instruction video
would have really made me look like an ass. I am referring in general that
there is just too much promotional push which has begun to mar otherwise
useful and enjoyable content.

Chris Longley says:

Rick, could you find out what waterproof trousers Peter was wearing??

James Major says:

I am going to unsubscribe.
Too much self and product promotion happening right now and not enough

niwacompaq124 says:

i hope you guys are repairing your divots

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