Shortest Golf tip video, will improve your swing before your next round.

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In this golf instructional video I give you the one simple tip that will help you improve your ball striking if you stick with it. Changing your setup, will make it much easier to hit great golf shots. Less than two minutes to improve your game for good.

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This video is an experiment to see if people are like me and hate long golf videos. Because of the popularity I have now started a Shortest golf video tip series. Subscribe here on youtube to be notified of each new video.

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Kirk Junge currently teaches in West Palm Beach, Florida in the Winter months, and Bonn, Germany from April through October. More info at

Here I show an easier way to swing a golf club. It is more efficient then the traditional swing, and provides more accuracy and distance.

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D Slatt says:

Funny, one can choose your method here, or one can choose the set up that most PGA tour players use today with arms and hands hanging more directly down. Choose either set up but remember that great ball strikers have much more in common as they come down into impact; and so it's really the down swing that matters more as you try to emulate the great hitters. I see so many similarities in how the great hitters look in slow motion or still photos as they come down into the ball. So set up is not as important because in the end down into impact is what matters most.

Obama5983 says:

This is a game improving tip

gekko rules says:

dear Mr Junge Sir .. my golf has improved ever since i came across your video in 2016. i can't describe how i almost never miss hitting the ball nowadays. i can't thank you enough to you for sharing your golf swing methods.
i do know i am far away in Malaysia@South East Asia, but may i know where your exact teaching base in the US?
again tQ .. best wishes to you Sir.

bdyt says:

isn't that Moe Norman's technique?

Richard Paradis says:

Great teacher great advice

Rick Roy says:

fabulous. will try it next time out

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