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After watching ‘Let's Play Thru' Youtube video on his recent Costco Golf club purchases I wanted to find out for myself whether we have the same level in stock in the uk.

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Lets Play Thru says:

Dude, honored you shared my video. I’ve been following you for a while and love your channel and vibe. BTW, we have a mutual friend in Leighton Walker. Well done on your Costco haul!


love the cap what make is it?

Brian Healy says:

Fancy giving the new MD Golf STR30 range a review? £500 for a complete kit incl. premium bag. Get on it!

Steve Edwards says:

I went to Costco in Reading last night and they still have plenty of stock of everything including an entire pallet load of the gloves. Looking forward to trying my new purchases out!

farnyone says:

Ive had some Cleveland zipcore wedges on order for nearly 10 weeks now….i wish i would of just bought these

Pharaoh Golf Co. says:

Our favourite store!!’

Dunn Golfing says:

Simple answer no ……but stock up on toilet paper… true story

wellybelly says:

I almost brought the wedges until I got lucky and got a set of king cobra Pur wedge set 52,56,60 for £110. Which was lucky otherwise I was set on the kikland

nucarsavings Julian Howarth says:

Great content mate! If you’re looking for hidden gems when it comes to golf clothing, then try a company called County Golf. Insanely cheap for premium golf clothing. One of the members at our club put me on to them and now my Mrs regularly points out I’ve got more golf clothes, then everyday clothes. 😂

starwf07 says:

I've heard the balls are great. I wish they made them in yellow, as I have a hard time tracking and finding white balls >_<

Pittstate2007 says:

In the US you don't have to be a business to get a Costco membership. It's $60 for anyone. I have a membership but Costco discriminates against us lefties, no wedges no putters.

Declan Nolan says:

Currently looking for new wedges… but like in your review I currently game a 50,54,58. The gapping of these really put me off even though everyone raves about them.

Sercoquet says:

Have to say, avoided the clubs and golf balls but the gloves are really decent, last well.

Integrito says:

After only 3:09 in I gotta say it, "Simon you are such and uplifting guy"! Unspirational in the morning! Lovin the journey with you, your on screen presence and continued improvement of your videos! And look at all those views! The channel and your following are growing! Look out Shields and Crossfield! I am sure they can feel your footsteps! Keep it up mate!!

Stephen Orrey says:

What do you think to the callaway edge set?

mystical being89 says:

last year i wanted the Callaway edge set but was sole out everywhere

Travis Andrist says:

The balls are great, the putter is amazing. I plan on buying the wedges, but have to wait. I will say DON'T waste your money on the gloves. I hated the feel of the glove.

James Goss says:

That Kirkland putter looks expensive if you compare it to the Cleveland Huntingdon beach range

YL Yan says:

Can you compare these with Decathlon Inesis?

Diogenes' Lantern says:

Bro, Saffer here – it's incredibly easy to mak your own biltong box and make your own fresh biltong 🙂

John McKechnie says:

The wedge set and putter have dropped from A$250 to A$200

peter guildford says:

In NZ, we are just getting our first Costco here in Auckland. Cant wait to see what is available. We get so ripped off here by NZ retailers its not funny, and the second hand market is just ridiculous and was even before Covid.

Jason Bryant says:

Brilliant video, love it. I just need a Costco now 👍

geraud crowder says:

Test the putter.

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