Should You BUMP YOUR HIPS To Start The Downswing?

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In this video, we take a look at the idea of bumping your hips to start your downswing. What really happens with good players, and most importantly, what you should be doing just might surprise you.

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J K says:

They should get 200k sub

David Moore says:

Get it. Like! Looks the right thing for irons and rescues. Please could you clarify the approach for 3 wood and Driver. I suspect something to be modified for the 'Levellers'. Thanks, regards David

Karan Soni says:

How do you feel like everything is going down, upper body and lower together?

Jude Ryan says:

Very helpful to demonstrate that the hip bump can be wildly exaggerated. Thanks.

David Jarrett says:

Do y’all have a video about your wrist staying close to each other. Or keeping the V

vimal Mittal says:

But neck and head stays behind no matter what.

Rob Elliott says:

Every pro golfers has some lateral movement or a bump. While at a professional level it’s minimal, the movement is there. Type in face on swings and watch the pros hip. Even the graphic has a lateral movement. Some golfers like to to bump the hips and there is nothing wrong with that. Butch Harmon who is a legendary teacher teaches a bump. So I’m confused when I’m watching pros bump forward. This video should be about how minimal the movement is.

mikal says:

Hips only move due to the feet, knees and legs. So of course hips dont bump or fire.

Check Jack Nicklaus at the top of his BS. His mostly straight pine points behind his left heel. His torso is turned and in position for inside to outside swing path.
As written in, The Hogan Manual of Human Performance: GOLF, 1992
Fart behind the left heel then swing. Its that simple

Steve Harvey says:

Good video! I have problems with too much sway forward getting head & body forward and causing some darn awful shots. How do I bump forward then get the head to go backward as you describe?
I recently have been thinking about turning left hip behind me at the start with some success. Does the amount of side bend at setup affect what and how I do things?
Do you have other videos / drills to get me to proper impact?
Thank You

Marko J says:

Great video and discussion! Should the best comment be some flattering commentary or should I say something smart?!

bkirkwd52 says:

The bump wasn’t a good dance move either!

AussieNaturalist says:

As a retired Tour player, I can tell you that the “hip bump” is something that all good players do, but as you guys said, it’s not huge lateral slide with your hips, its a lateral weight shift through your feet from a good pivot that will “bump” your lead butt cheek towards the target for a split second from the top of the backswing. Nicklaus is probably one of the best visual examples of this motion in action.

Adrian Shearn says:

Keep up the good work, I like the way the two of you present interesting aspects of the Golf Swing,nice interaction.

Jim Ferrell says:

where can I send a video of my swing

Swing Searcher says:

I like the outtakes ;D

Kenneth Gustavsson says:

Same with driver?

Mike B says:

I developed hip problems and a chronic oblique strain from over swinging with too much hip thrust, so this video is just what I needed.

David Beane says:

Yikes…2 dislikes….couple of Jim McLean fans that like to play a fat, toe-hook….

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