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Varcon says:

Hey Rick! Thanks for the podcast, Any chance you could talk / test the more.. "high-budget" clubsets? such as the new 2021 Cobra FLYXL set? (800 eu).
So theyre sort of .. higher budget sets? We haven't seen something like that yet and would love your feedback!

Diogenes' Lantern says:

I built a bag consisting of:

Titleist 917d2

TaylorMade Burner 3w and 3h

Mizuno MP-57 Irons 3-PW & MP 5T wedge (52)

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 wedges (56 & 60)

Wilson Staff Infinite Bean

Adams bag

for the same price as an entry level Wilson TPX 1200 (which only has 10 clubs)…

Russel Budwell says:

Got to be made from Stainless Steel. Intermediate shaft is too stiff for Regular or Senior players. Nice to use oversized clubs. You can find them if you look


b o o j e t c l o o b s

Thomas Rooman says:

Or like I did, first go budget to start and then go to a fitting shop 😉

Petteri Aittola says:

In the beginning, it is not that much of a difference, if you’re a total beginner. Budget clubs will sell for about the same, they were worth to start with, if you pass them on the first season.

However after a couple of seasons, You defenately want to have something, that’ll build confidence and are reliable to deliver, what you execute. Learning how to swing a club is not about how whippy or poor set you have, but how you use your body in order to deliver the club head.

After a while you gain understanding and figure out things. Buying a budget set is a starting point, whether it was a new full set or second hand collection. For the first season the ball basically has a mind of its own. Then you may need a better set to better suite what you’re doing with your swing.

As in all skills sports, a skilly beginner can make things happen, a worse woun’t. In a case, where person of no athletic nor ball game background starts golf, it is quite possible a quality premium set would do no, if any difference.

Farieh Hassan says:

Hi Rick, I am from Malaysia. Would like to ask you if you have reviewed the Pinemeadow golf clubs? Thank you.

Big T says:

Love. The golf bidder challenge. Sorry to see it go away

Just Camo says:

I looked up "Cobra King Golf Set" and this is what came up

B Lee says:

How about budget clubs vs. 20+old highend clubs videos?

Hector Ochoa says:

I’m just getting into golf and I’ve just been doing a club or two at a time. Picked up the G425 Max Driver and the G425 5 wood. Just ordered MG2 and spider X putter. Slowly building my bag, figured just get out and get to the range and enjoy what I can in the meantime.

Dustyvv says:

I bought a packaged set of Wilson Linear XD clubs this year for $200 and I love them. I was using a set of Knight Allante clubs last year (my first year playing) and the difference is night and day.

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