Should You Buy Clone Golf Clubs

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Should You Buy Clone Golf Clubs, more golf QnA from marks AskGolfGuru mobile app for iPhone and android devices. This time Mark is talking golf clubs and if copy or clone golf clubs are a good buy. Play your best golf with Mark's simple and easy to follow golf ansers to your golfing questions.

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Henry Hackbusch says:

I feel I have to offer my opinion since I own a set of turbo power irons that are replicas of the callaway red irons that came out in 2006 ish my irons still cost me 450 $ and the only difference from the real thing is the weight but the quality is great on the irons I purchased I've been using them for 11 years now and still love them just do your research if you want to buy replica clubs because there are some very good brands out there

George Morrison says:

I have loved Hireko golf supplies for over 10 years

NCtrail4R says:

I've used several different clubs from the diamondtour website – made by Turner and Integra. Good results with all that I've bought from them. I switched to a full hybrid set a few years back. Picked up a 7 hybrid in a line that I liked and tested it out. Liked the way the 7 played, so ordered matching clubs to finish out the set. Much more forgiving for me. Don't get to play/practice as much as I would like, so their forgiveness is a big help to me!

murph1329 says:

why would ANYONE consider this junk over pre owned?

Killer Caritas says:

Are king snake and foremost good clubs ?

Brother Cousin says:

I just have i quick question because I have recently got into golf. Is global golf a good and trusted site to buy from? I’m looking at a few used clubs on there that I would like to buy if I know I’m getting the real deal

George Thompson says:

Mark is correct but personally I would recommend anyone who has a limited budget to seek out a smaller manufacturer who has been trading and is known. All manufacturers heads are now made in the far east eg China Taiwan Japan and providing your golf head is made of the same metals as the big brands and your recommended shaft is genuine then go for it. I do however recommend suppliers who ask you the right questions eg swing speed, wrist to floor in inches or cms and your height. Its even better to visit such suppliers to have your set of irons or driver or full set custom fitted. You will save quite considerably providing the supplier uses good heads and shafts. Think about it Mark states that one pays the high prices to the Taylor mades and Pings of this world to ensure future R@D and whilst I ageee that some of the money does go in this direction a lot of it is wasted on high overhead advertising and pro endorsement fees.One has to remember the Chinese manufacturers have the finest casting and metal forging skills and machinery and its only natural for the same manufacturers to make their own heads. To conclude there are many companies today who buy quality heads from China and do self branding and in addition use shafts and grips from reputable manufacturers, and do a first class custom making service or just sell iron sets and metal woods every bit as good as the big named brands.

JR says:

One other thing, Golf Guru, I searched "Pinemeadow Golf Clubs" and you are 3rd on the list when this video has nothing specific about Pinemeadow stuff. Yet, there are other titles below you with Pinemeadow in the title. You guys are corporate stooges!

JR says:

When I guy repeatedly says, "To be honest with you" or his eyes are rolling all over the place…..he is lying. I been playing this game for over 55 years and I've had the top of the line and I have played "off brands". I been playing Pinemeadow golf clubs for the last 4 years and I wouldn't trade them for anything. "Name Brand" is just another way of saying Rip-Off.

cgasucks says:

I personally think getting brand name clubs used is the best of both worlds…you get the quality of the brand names at the price of new cloned clubs. In most cases, it's cheaper than new clones. Stay away from counterfeits at all costs.

Ninja_Prime says:

I have a whole bag of Dunlop clubs, they are cheaper and definitely within my budget! I  have no issues with them, as I don't really play golf that often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year and that's it.

Kyle Peter says:

You should get some glare free coating.

Real one says:

I think what he ment was like should he get one brand of irons or different brands

Michael De Lillo says:

First off your not correct, If the Grips on not installed correctly that is because they are putting grips on .580 butt with a .600 grip, second, if you get cheap equipment, crap shafts, then yes. and No if you break a iron that is because they tried to loft and lie them out of the +/- 3*.  so no clone clubs build correctly or custom built will play like, Hit like and act like name brand clubs without the name brand price.

Amy Olson says:

hireko, monark, diamondgolf, and csg are all good quality components. the shafts from csg are top notch with good prices. i've made clubs for over 25 years, and back up every club and shaft.

A3R0 DYN4M1C5 says:

What if you buy a clone head and build it yourself

Steegro68 says:

My philosophy regarding knock offs: After all the talk lately about "lofting up" I purchased a 12 degree TaylorMade clone from Diamond Tour Golf. It set me back less than $100 with custom grip and shaft. If lofting up improved my tee shots dramatically I would consider purchasing the brand name club. Well, it  has. Remarkably. Demonstrably. Lockey-tastically!!! So I ordered their 3+ wood and a 5 wood, also TaylorMade clones and got both for under $100. I'm now in for about 2 bills and totally stoked with the results. (Reached two par 5's in two last week with the 3 wood.) I'm sold on the concept. I still can't afford, what, about $800 to replace them with the real thing. But I can start looking in the bins and on-line with some confidence that the technology is going to work for me. Last year I spent $40 on a custom built belly putter from the same company. I don't really game it but, again, the clone allowed me to experiment with the latest tech and not break the bank. PS Not pimping Diamond Tour, there are all kinds of clones out there.

MrWojtok says:

I use "clone" clubs
i have "titleist AP2 710"
i bought them 4 years ago for 300$
I was 21 HCP now I'm 5 HCP
after 2 years I had to change a shaft because in longer clubs it bends and of course grips
My friend also have AP2 but from real Titleis and his clubs was a litle bit softer but margin difference
myebay I got the ones that propere made or they are all well made
Im not shure
during this 4 years with this clubs I made 2 hole in one's i won several golf turnaments in my region

Martin Hague says:

I bought over four years ago a set of cheap dunlops from sports direct the only club I have replaced is mt driver and hybrids thats it cost me lessthan £150 for the set and still going strong.

Dave Arkle says:

What you mean to say is that Nordica Golf do an excellent job stealing the technology developed by other companies who spend the time effort and money to develop golf clubs.

Darragh Cashman says:

In my personal experience, getting clubs second hand from your local golf store is the way to go, I've got some great bargains, including a TourEdge Exotics 3 wood and a Scotty Cameron putter second hand, incredibly the Scotty cost me €60 and that included getting a new putter grip! Advice would be to scan your shops for some decent looking clubs, ,maybe even trade your old club in against it to get that little bit more off the price!!

ThePaulnewell says:

Matthew Collins = TIT!!!

Shane FitzGerald says:

I game a Mizuno driver, Cleveland wedges and a Nike Putter. My fairways, hybrid and irons are by a small Irish company called MD Golf. Can't recommend the MD Golf gear highly enough. Great components, build quality and price. A great way for a beginner such as myself to get into the game.

Jon Gee says:

Thanks for answering my question. I definitely meant the lesser known manufacturers, not the name brand fakes.

Ken Phillips says:

I find secondhand from Pro shops are by far the best option!……I normally buy clubs 3 seasons old,when the price drops through the floor!……I bought 2 Taylormade R11 rescues for £28 each,perfect condition…and they are far superior to the current models.

PabloShmablo says:

Hireko is a great component club brand – top quality drivers, woods, irons and wedges (even forged) for a fraction of the price! You also have smaller brands such as KZG, Krank, Tour Edge, Hopkins, Scratch, and many others I can't think of right now. The smaller brands I mentioned aren't necessarily cheaper than the big brands – in some cases, they're a bit more – but clone and component brands are your best bet besides used clubs for value.

Matthew Collins says:

No club development would be GREAT. Its literally killing the game. Be great if balls and clubs stopped hitting it further and making it easier. If you want golfer easier and more friendly for beginners, take up another sport. Keep golf for golfers. I also think its a good think if numbers decline and less beginners…. means emptier courses and quicker more fun rounds.

Matthew Collins says:

Question…. how much have you made from b.apps? Tell us please Mark!

Johan Klarin says:

In the US, Maltby clubs are incredible value – new – and perform as well as other brands subject to custom fit. I also agree with previous posters, used on eBay can be really good if you know what you need. 

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