Should you spend money on lessons or training aids?! #EP71

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Steve Nielsen says:

How do you find an instructor in the states that has the same philosophy as Dan Whittaker?

garry grant says:

Traing aids never worked for me, waste of money. Unless u have lots of time to try practise with it. Lessons in the beginning when u start is good, but again I've had friends find that too many lessons can screw u up worse

Peter Cavellini says:

Mixture of both?, don’t some teaching pros use swing aids to help get the body and club in the correct position?

justin weber says:

Pelz truth board is the single best investment for a golfer every golfer can practice putting.

Max VanNatter says:

I’ll be honest… I have had several in person coaching sessions over the years and have rarely felt any were good. I’ve learned so much more from watching my favorites on YouTube… won’t name them but Shiels is one of my favorites. I really love the game and have worked my ass off getting to a +5…. All on my own with YouTube video. The one thing YouTube did for me, that no coach thought to do, or had the time to do, was help me understand why the ball responds a particular way. I think it was Shiel’s that shared some videos that really helped me understand this. Once I understood the physics of it, I was able to understand what it was I was doing, and what I needed to change. From there I sought out videos that taught those principles. I then started recording my own swings so that I could separate “feel” from “reality”. It’s been a great journey and one I’ll stay on.

Daniel Kelly says:

Didn't realise Peter Schmeichel was a golf pro ?

sheree duffill says:

unless you are a pro, just enjoy the game for what it is, lets face it if u do the stats most people who play the game are over 50. just enjoy the game

The Middle Man says:

Lessons. Duh

Tony Westwell says:

Great advice as always from Rick and Dan, if only I lived in the UK I could try and get some lessons off Dan, it would be interesting to say the least

Jt Burton says:

Lessons and reps will help more than anything

Sam Berry says:

Who wears a stoney to a golf podcast? #cock

Shawn Stewart says:

Subscribed # 2

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