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SHOULDER TILT IN THE BACKSWING golf lesson with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about should pitch in the backswing and how it can effect your across the line at the top and club path and swing direction. Also in today Daily Vlog Mark has many jobs to complete before another trip away.

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Gregory Edwards says:

This was such a great video for me. Your lessons are so good.

Robert Taylor says:

Maybe less coffee talk and more focus on the lesson.

Richard Little says:

Those kids are so cute.

Tommy says:

Great tip, changed everything for me thanks

Paul Horowitz says:

I don't think this is on Jordan but rather the fault of the greens committee not originally marking the driving range as OB as it is on most courses

Petey Husker says:

On most other courses, he would have been out of bounds with such a horrendous tee shot. Game over, Kutch wins.

Gary Yeomans says:

two things speith was absolutely right, weather your mates will wear that on a Sunday morning is another thing 2nd how does one get a lesson from you?

Daniel Saldana says:

Love the daily vlogs Mark. Enjoy the holiday w. the family!

Paul Hulme says:

This helped 👍

David Boddy says:

I understand the rule and I understand what he did, he did it all correctly, it took a long time because of the circumstances, one being finding out if the range was OOB or not, I've taken unplayable lies where the third option is the best option and go back like that, my playing partners also understand the rule and once it'd been decided that's what I'm doing and where I'm dropping they move up the fairway, watch me hit, watch where the ball goes and we continue. The fact it took 29 minutes for Spieth is not slow play as many suggest, most of that time was rule discussion & clarification before execution. I was surprised no one rang in or emailed trying to say the club he chucked on the ground well out of the way was being used as an alignment aid…HAHA…I'm not a Spieth fan boy but he didn't do anything wrong in that situation and did as quickly as he could. Don't think he even went for the towel.

Neil Harvey says:

Lol at Orla smashing a 3 foot putt into the fence at the back.

Ross Dingwall says:

I think Ryan Little in the next vlog!!! And from where i was sitting it didn't look like his line of sight to the flag was exactly spot on more with the callaway flag near the gorse than the titleist truck but everyone gets breaks good or bad that's why we play this glorious game……

B G says:

Agree with Matt R. The rules are part of golf. Why would a competent winning-loving pro NOT take every advantage within the rules he or she could? A pro who doesn't isn't winning majors.

Steve Banks says:

Hi Mark
Loving the daily VLogs … best part for me is the viewer swing analysis and your fixes… love it Broooow!!!

Andy Edwards says:

Spieth drop made perfect sense, I just felt it was a little harsh on Kooch having to wait 20 minutes to play his shot but rules is rules.

Jason Purk says:

Forcing Kuchar to wait over 20 minutes between shots was wrong. Their group before Jordan's hideous Drive was told to pick up the pace of play. There has to be some sort of penalty stroke per minute ruling in this game. 1 Stroke per 5 minutes seems fair so penalize Jordan 4 strokes for this. And if this would have been in the rules Jordan would have just re-teed his ball like Johnny Miller said and would have quickened the pace allowing Kuchar to not have to place a knee on a towel and also put on a long sleeve jacket getting cold. #unfair


Rules 24 and 28 bruh! My only problem is that it took 20 mins!

playandteach says:

I think I need not to try this swing advice without some professional watching what I'm trying to do – lots of ways I could think I am doing what you suggest but with horrible misunderstandings. Perhaps a dedicated video just on this, rather than as part of a multi dimensional video?

Paul Scheuer says:

I completely understand the rules and the ruling. Let's get that out of the way first to save the keyboard warriors some time and blood pressure. 😂 But you mention the spirit of the game and/or rules and that's where my issue lies. I feel it broke Kuchar's rhythm to have a 20 minute delay in the middle of the hole, while simultaneously giving Spieth a "time out" to regain his composure after hitting the worst drive in a major final round since Phil's massive slice on the 18th in the 2006 US Open. This is my OPINION and I'm entitled to it, just as you are entitled to your OPINION that this was a great finish to a great Open Championship (an opinion with which I could not disagree more). All the Spieth fans seem to forget that this was also Kuchar's chance to win his first (and given his age, possibly last) major and getting iced in the final holes by your opponent's errant drive and the ensuing 20 minute clown show just seems unjust to me. Jordan's finish was remarkable (though I'd argue that the eagle putt was literally a stroke of luck) and I give him props for his talent and mental fortitude. Most other players would've melted after that shank. I just have never really cared for his on-course personality (endless chatter with his caddy, backing off and reaching for the towel, demanding absolute silence before he pulls the trigger – I could go on but…) and for me the incident on Sunday was the final straw on the camel's back. Again though, these are my opinions. Like them or lump them, it bothers me not a whit.

Jeff Jeffery says:

"Literally club across the chest"

What do people think the role of the word 'literally' is in that sentence (or sentences like it)?

To me (what you might call a language purist) it's meaningless in this context. It achieves nothing that just saying "Club across the chest" doesn't already say on its own. And yet many people, not just Mark, throw in the word 'literally' in their spoken and written language (incorrectly/inappropriately) all the time.


Ren May says:

The practice range is not OB for the members, so the R&A let it be. If the officials, that warned him for slow play earlier, are willing to take that time to work out the drop, then it is on them, not him. Look what he is playing for, it's not your weekend Nassau with your buddies. As for impeding his partner, that is just part of the professional game. I'm sure Kuchar and every other tour pro has at one time or another taken a bit of time with rulings. I don't understand in this day and age why everyone seems hell bent to nit pick and find something negative in any given situation…

Gregory seeney says:

All of your content is good Mark, you'll never please everyone though so keep it varied to keep us interested👌

Lawry Cook says:

The main issue with it all is the lack of understanding of the rules and the fact that you'd never try and pull that sort of drop(s) off at your local club.

These guys on tour know the rules inside and out and are very good at "manipulating" the rules – at the end of the day it was all legal and the guy showed the world what he can do from then on. The only thing I would question is the time it took… He already gets slated for slow play so this didn't help!

Maybe there's an "Against Jordan Society", and they have decided to come out when he's done something remarkable and tried to dampen it, instead of celebrate it!

Luke Pedrana says:

Cleveland RTX-3 wedges…. 👌

Steve Tomes says:

Can yo do a swing analysis on coach please.

steve dickson says:

If people are criticising the Speith drop, they are merely displaying their own personal lack of knowledge of the correct rules of golf.

Tony Westwell says:

I have no issue with the drop well within the rules of play. It did take a while but if I was doing it it would have taken longer probably. Loving the daily vlogs

gpcostelloe says:

Hey Mark, What make is your coffee machine looking to upgrade my morning cup o' joe!!

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