Signature Shots: Tiger Woods, 18th hole, 2000 Bell Canadian Open

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En route to victory in the final round of the 2000 Bell Canadian Open, Tiger Woods hit what many consider his greatest shot ever on the PGA TOUR, at the par-5, 18th hole.


nyyankee488 says:

would rather win the scottish than canadian.

Purple Haze says:

I have a vagina and i love cocks… so, no

rebirthatthefountain says:

the blimp view of this shot is ridiculous, this video doesn’t give this
shot it’s merit

Purple Haze says:

no thanks

Jim Smith says:

It’s a dog leg left though so it probably works out to be longer than that,
more 530 yards which is a short par 5 but the green surrounded by water
makes it harder.

jimsoccer8 says:

it wasn’t really that good – tiger

Jeff Kravetz says:

without a doubt. his iron game is solid and one of the best on tour. this
past weekend he had a lot of medium putt chances that could of made a huge

jamesi34 says:

yeah he looked like he was having fun @ sawgrass and surprise surprise, he
was putting as good as in his prime, that’s the missing piece i think, his
ball striking is fine right now

Golfvids13 says:

Tiger woods plays one of the best shots do

User 212 says:

Who was he playing with? Think it was, Nobody Cares Jr.

Michael Corcoran says:

508 yard par 5 and this is 2000? 508 is just a challenging par 4 now.

Purple Haze says:

if you wanna be like tiger wood fertilizing ladies in the neighborhood get
real rich and you will find all the hot chicks will want to grind

Jeff Kravetz says:

Back when Tiger was having fun out there early in his career. Now it’s just
a job to him. Bring back the fun, Tiger – Longtime Tiger Woods fan

David Atkin says:

As many times as I’ve seen the second shot, is as little as I’ve seen the
tee shot

MatanLuthaKang says:

You just won a free box of Kotex for your girl friend. You have a
girlfriend? Right?

lee michael staniforth says:

Excellent response Jo lol

bumrusherer1985 says:

Tough to have fun when everyone trashes your game whenever you don’t have a
good round. Look at how Rory is struggling with the scrutiny.

Luke Sandison says:

MMM At your service.

Brad2Penske says:

I’ve always thought this was the best shot he’s ever hit,

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