Signature Shots: Tiger Woods eagles No. 18 at the Honda Classic

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On the par-5 18th hole at The Honda Classic, Tiger Woods stuck his approach to 10 feet and made the putt to shoot 62, the lowest final round score of his career.


Alex Ledesma says:

Tiger woods is is very good

Matthew Hood says:

“Solid play” christ, someone like Steve Stricker or Jim Furyk are solid and
win once in a blue moon. He had the most hype thanks to setting multiple
records before he turned pro including 3 US amateur championships, never
been done before or since. In Nicklaus days there were about 8-10 guys who
were good enough to win majors, now its almost the whole field, completely
different kettle of fish. 

madkent99 says:

we can only hope we see him in that kind of form again

Tom Green says:

Tiger is the 2nd best player of all time..Jack Nicklaus is the greatest
ever…just the fact

Osagumwengie Jesuorobo says:
Paul EJ says:

“62 the lowest round of his PGA Tour career …at the age of 36” Prophetic
statement 7 wins in 15 months How good is his new swing going to get if he
stays fit? He is hitting his irons longer and straighter than he ever has

Soffwan Nair says:

8 months ago u said the comment. now im letting u know he is back to number
1. and we got the master coming up.

kevin medlock says:

Imagine if he hadn’t had 2 knew surgery’s and a back surgery!?! Huh?!?
Tiger would probably have 20 majors right now. Either way, love him or hate
him, he’s the best golfer who’s ever swung a club!!!!

Sméagol says:

He has won 3 tournaments, but he is not #1 nor ever will be again (Rory is
there to stay). Though I hope he get up to 18 mayors before he retires.

Jordan Danfyu says:

Fancy that

Michael Lebahn says:

tiger honestly is never gona be back.he will probably be #1 again and get a
few more majors, but he is never gona dominate the field like he used to.
he still will, it just wont be the same

Leeland Hackbarth says:

Love him or hate him… He is the best golfer in the world. Learn to
separate the art from the artist.

Steve G says:

thats really sad

tcfreestyler123x says:

Well maybe the other guys should get a record like his then they might get
a mention

Jimmie A says:

You can’t say that for sure…he is still progressing and played well
enough in 2012 to be able to conclude that there is a chance he can become
#1 again. Rory is playing pretty well, though. Will definitely make it more
difficult for Tiger to rise up there in 2013.

ThatsJoeDirt says:

Hands down the best ever. People say jack didn’t have the equipment
technology but courses weren’t NEARLY as long and difficult as they are

Thi Nguyễn says:

nhac vu truong

AndyAngelZ says:

golf is still an arrogant and ignorant sport…. just look up george carlin
golf …. Look at the field… look how big it is… NOW LOOK AT THE SIZE

The Man With No Name says:

he was good then, he is good now but when he blows up and is like +8 or
what ever he was in the last tour, why would they keep going back to him

James Dean says:

Unreal shot

ambassador sunam says:


dj kerry says:

Tiger can overtake #1 with a win this weekend or just two good finishes
over his next two events unless McIlroy wins. Idk what you deal is but you
should do a little research before spewing your bullshit.

SNTV - Inside every story says:

Great video, good to see Tiger getting back to the top

TheArfdog says:

@DirtyGhetto if you don’t know why, you’re a retard

spena34 says:

I would love it if he made a documentary about a round of golf and he
talked everyone through what he was thinking through every shot.

spangar11 says:

you base your opinions from stand up comedy?

63Bueno says:

go follow another sport, golf fans dont need you

NikonSanz says:

Ermm dude, tiger and rory were both at the WGC Cadilliac last month as were
most of the worlds top 50 minus brandt snedeker. Result = Woods wins 76th
PGA tour event. LOL.

t5e2 says:

i’m more impressed that he slept with hundreds of women

guitarz04 says:

just curious..whos JB? haha

Ryo Pasmo says:

those biceps

chester mhende says:

Please ask Kegan Bradley to stop spitting. This is a gentlemen’s game

Paintballer210 says:

So…being number 1 in the world again won’t mean he’s “back?” Umm…so
what does, then?

Dub2Steps says:

thats why tiger is awesome, he play’s shots that nobody even thinks about
to play. 99% would go mid green for a two put birdie, but he is like “pfff,
no problem”

Alexander Booth says:

first what? found your first pube?

Garry says:

with cheat codes…

Jay Smooth says:

If he is the best then he will finish with the most majors, If not then he
is not the best. He also has had more hype thanks to nike and his solid
play. It is not a popularity contest.

hitmanpro95 says:

Tiger is still the best!

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