Signing A Club Deal + Full Bag Fitting With TaylorMade

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Quest for the Open – Series Four Episode Seven – In this video we look at the club deal I've signed with TaylorMade!!

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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lpetten says:

Congrats Pete! You deserve it buddy. I’ve been watching both you and Shields for the last couple years. You personally have helped me so much with my game and I can’t think of another guy that’s more deserving of this opportunity. Give’er man

Dave Lewis says:

Since Peter doesn't do club reviews I think this is the perfect partnership. I've stopped watching YT channels that do reviews who have signed club deals because of the conflict of interest

Major Pain says:

And the winner of the Open is……..PF!!! Congrats!

Rodney Greenwell says:

Well that puts club reviews in the bias camp now ……

DonWhon875 says:

Congratulations on the sponsorship. I know you will continue to give us great content, and I’m excited to see where the show goes from here. Pete you are my favorite YouTuber and you deserve this.

Nicolai Sthaalros says:

Congrats mate? I'm curious to know, did they contact you, or did you contact them?
never the less I like it, I'm gonna go for a taylormade fitting my self this year, so I'm glad my favourite youtuber, is a taylormade guy as well ??️‍♂️⛳

Robert Sharp says:

Well done good luck with your game and future playing golf the game we all love

Jason Costello says:

Congrats Peter, well deserved

Steve R says:

Definitely not the first and no doubt not the last, to get their hands on Tigers shaft. Great Vid Mr Finch and congrats on the partnership.

Melissa Tompkins says:

Hi Pete, just a thing regarding custom fitting, I’m absolutely gobsmacked, my wife Scarlett wants a good custom fitting for a set of irons, she’s a really tall girl at 6’5, and has been told that she “probably needs at least and inch longer but a 3 or even 4 degree upright on her irons,yet no on, yes NO ONE can fit her with a 3 or 4 degree upright club head during the fitting to make sure this is right. I’m sure where you went that would never have been an issue, but the clubs in the West Country don’t seem to be supplied with all the options required to have a fitting experience that you enjoyed. Really disappointed for her, and really disappointed with the fitting centres here . To me it’s not right that people are told have a fitting then experience this, “really disappointed “.
Ps good luck with your new club deal.

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