SIMPLE DRILL to get you moving your body in the correct sequence on your downswing

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How do you start your downswing? Is it from your upper body or lower body? Initiating your downswing correctly will help you to improve your impact position and as a result you will become much more consistent, hit straighter golf shots and see an improvement in shot length. This simple drill will get you starting your downswing with your lower body moving first, shifting your centre of pressure towards the target and allowing you to rotate your pelvis, then your upper body towards the target as you swing through impact. A fantastic drill for anyone struggling to create a great impact position, lag and weight transfer.

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LycomingWarrior says:

Amazing instructor. Thank you

W G Jansen van Vuren says:

Why I love your golf instruction? Of all the thousands of golf instruction videos of 100's of Instructors you are are getting to the point very easy and not taking 20+ minutes to boring and unneccesary explaining with demonstration to understand: Short and Sweet-thanks.

Dewey Edwards says:

Thanks, great instruction!

Patrick Wheeler says:

The drills are SOOOOOOOOO important, thanks for taking the time to demonstrate this.

Mike L60 says:

very good Natalie thanks

john lebrasse says:

Great teaching methods I can learn a lot from the way you teach. Thank you very very much, please keep them coming.

John Darby says:

This builds brilliantly on the fix for early hip extension (ball behind back) drill and seems to have got me moving correctly at last, particularly in terms of pelvic/hip rotation. The issue now is getting it drilled in to appear in my actual golf swing – so looks like days/weeks of these 2 drills and hit a few shots in between and hopefully get there in the end. Tks!

Walter Lyon says:

Thanks, this lessons helped me a lot. Great lesson!

Santiago De Ponce says:

Nat nails it again!

lovetogolf says:

Excellent Tip!! Thanks Natalie

David Thompson says:

These sub 5 mins clips really work for me

miker dee says:

Wow…….. it all becomes clearer towards the end of the lesson. Great instruction thanks.

Chris Ogden says:

Great instruction

martindkelly says:

Hi Nathalie – i've just returned from the Park where i tried this technique to get my hips turning as nothing else seemed to work. i was surprised to find that most of my shots were struck solidly and only few baddies with an out to in swing path. after a while, i decided to try without stepping and boom, i hit a dozen or so balls with a draw and with an in to out swing path. I've been playing golf for 30 years and although its not always been bad, i thought i would endorse your technique as although i tried it before seeing your video, i had looked for months on a solution for me and could not find one. it was my search criteria this time that found your video. i was looking for hip turn and hip rotation previously which if you had had in your heading i would have found earlier. I'm not saying you should change it but there are many golfers out there who like me suffer from early extension and your drill is perfect for helping. subscribed to your channel now that i have found – cheers matt 🙂

Gary Conklin says:

Great tip Natalie. I am a scratch golfer trying to help my best friend to get his swing in sequence. I take video of him and me then show him his positions on the downswing and compare to mine. But I didn’t know any good tips on how to get him in sequence and I think this video is a very good beginning that he can build on once he gets this down. Thank you so much.

Hoa Mi says:

Thank you so much Nathalie 💐 you are the best golf teacher ever 👍

Sudhir Talwar says:

Drill to move your body is really good. Thanks

dry509 says:

Describing me.

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