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Simple Tips for an EFFORTLESS Swing – In this weeks Impact Show, we have a special guest in Chris Ryan who will discuss his tips for an effortless golf swing! In this episode, we discuss just how important, your grip, your body and your trail arm is in regards to achieving an effortless swing.

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Meandmygolf says:

Who should we collaborate with next?? Comment below.

sawy78 says:

I`m a player of golf and even when I happen to be at it for twenty years, I still had trouble exceeding Ninety. 3-4 years back, I couldn’t get an outstanding round but that was before I read the golf swing tricks , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). I`m not efficient when making use of my irons. My drive doesn’t attain a terrific range but I am able to properly grip my driver with no problem.

sawy78 says:

I am a player of golf and even when I have been at it for twenty years, I still had a tough time exceeding Ninety. I wasn`t able to achieve a superb round during the last 3-4 years until I finished reading these golf swing strategies. My irons are not that great. My drive does not reach a great distance but I can properly grip my driver with no trouble. You can discover this guide on Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot

Dormied says:


simeon howell says:

jorden spieth.

D Lo says:

This really helped my ball striking a lot. I’m getting more distance out of the driver and hitting every club in the bag better. Over every shot I tell myself “effortless power”.

Antony Goodacre says:

Robin Matthews Williams.

Lips Ha Ha says:

Korean LPGA tour pro!
Sung Hyun Park, Chun Ingee !

Allan McLeod says:

Literally fixed my iron shots. Best bucket at the range so far.


Hey sir I had made my swing from in to out motion. But what has happened after few months that my swing has turned to backswing from the inside and I go over the top. I saw your post vedio on over the top swing but it's kinda not the same case for my swing

blanche herron says:

(Larry – San Diego) Great collaboration instructional video with Chris Ryan which I view and follow as well. I know you have worked with George Gangas in the past and would love to see you do a collaboration with Eric Cogorno out of Bethlehem, PA. I have a instructional video suggestion on the importance of left, forward, and right side bend to help with rotation!

jbuburuz says:

very cool drill with alignment stick. always nice to watch chris swing. so effortless.

Alan Cunnane says:

Golfsidekick for a course management, on-course mentality lesson. He has a great ethos for amateur golfers.

Tim Coleman says:

incredible that this man is ex-SAS, wonder where he found the time to play so much golf

randy underwood says:

Liam Harrison

David Zenkert says:

3 legends in the same video, keep up the great work all of you!

Varun Sharma says:

I would asume having Paige Spiranac on your next video would be a great idea. Golf is not just about how guys swing but also girls.There have been few tips from Paige which actually improved my game.

Kimchicracker says:

Chris Ryan should be given m&mg honorary membership status

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