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Mike Shortridge says:

I disagree about your comment stating that having it on TV doesn't get people to play. If you mean to take up the game you may have a point, but I think people who play even occasionally watch something like the Open or any other major and are immediately scrambling for their clubs, when otherwise maybe they wouldn't be bothered.

e james says:

we all tend to get focused on the swinging putter that we become a bit mesmerised by it. Then the head starts to lift up too soon and it throws off the stroke. You've really got to say to yourself….."I'm gonna stroke this putt and I'm gonna keep my head down if it's the last thing I do".

Carl Incledon says:

Newport 3 Bruh? I really want one of those!

Jacob Welp says:

Very difficult to grow the game when you are making people pay to watch it, crazy!

LB says:

Love the new kitchen brah. Great vid

Ray Farrell says:

Hey Mark, happy weekend!
Do you subscribe to the theory of face balanced putters for more straight back & thru, and more toe down for arching type strokes?

Marcus Smith says:

Definitely prefer average coverage and open to all. I saw a bit of sky coverage on the Sunday as my brother in law had it and it was great but the highlights were brilliant so I’m sure the bbc would make a really good job of daytime coverage too…. thanks for the putting tips too.. I feel my basic putting routine is good, I just struggle with consistency and commitment for the short putts. I will be trying the drills to help. ??

Richard James says:

Where he was a junior – I know cause I was there and I am aware and sure other tour pros do too!

Richard James says:

The Open and similar events like the PGA should be on free to air so at least there is a chance that some inspiration will come and doesn't continue the treadmill feed of privileged club member kids that go through the 'golf process' to becoming a tournament pro.That said people like you and coach and Dan are genuine pros who take the coaching and teaching path which again should be encouraged somehow through a flagship event like The Open. Reference my earlier post re Pepperell he does put money back from his success into junior golf at the clubs

Wandering Brummie says:

I took out a Sky Golf sub for a month just for the Open. Thought they put style over substance, lots of incidental stuff but not very good coverage of the actual golf, and the camera work was very poor. And the adverts drive you mad.

Barry Lawson says:

More putting tips please

John Donnelly says:

The coverage by sky was outstanding but I agree that it limits the audience

James Miller says:

That’s ridiculous. Never pay to watch golf here in the states BRA!

eaglesham photography says:

This is fantastic- I had my first putting lesson last night and all of what you said on this one makes perfect sense ??????

Andy Green says:

Have the R&A not considered that the BBC has a bigger global audience than Sky Sports and would therefore be more beneficial in inspiring a kid somewhere in the world to pick up a golf club ? Perhaps they have and are just ignoring such facts in order to make a few quid.

Cameron loggenberg says:

Can we get a “wooden man” count on your vids?.

Thanks for the vid. Great things for me to work on

mailmanqcnc says:

Wait….you guys have to pay to watch your own championship on the tele????? Wtf is that bruh? That's crazy! That's another example of why golf makes it difficult to get more people into the sport. Besides paying a lot of money for equipment, apparel, to play and to practice….charging people to watch on tv….ridiculous!!! The greed of golf!!!! Smfh!

Eli Bell says:

The Open was free and on regular TV for Americans and us Canadians . Live on Golf channel to be exact, it disappoints me that its not like this everywhere.

mr landlord says:

100% about the open be better for being on bbc that was how my dad started in the 70s i got into it because of him in the 80s and started following it on the bbc since sky taken it all i dont following hardly any of it i see the masters on bbc and did see highlights on bbc. I think the open on bbc should be the shop window then maybe you fall in love with golf you then subscribe to sky to see more events that should be the path in my book

Mathew Tuomey says:


lagwagon501 says:

Lucky guys to get the participate in the journey. Thanks for sharing it with us. Mark, how often do the pros get a tune up like this?

steven clark says:

Another 10 minutes of my life wasted watching one of your rubbish videos. How am I ever going to hit it 300 yards if you persist in trying to help me lower my handicap, sort it out bruh.

As for the open, I think it's a shame it's not on free telly, I would happily kick back with a few beers and watch the days play evolve.
I used to like pressing the red button and follow one group around rather than flashing between players and only watching the fantastic shots, golf is not like that and gives a false impression of the game. So highlights don't do it for me.

steve dickson says:

I was lucky enough to be at The Open a from practice to final day. The Open had their own TV feed on large screens that was different to that from Sky.
Why not let the BBC have that feed, which as you point out is maybe less in depth than Sky’s but still good. So let the pair of them show The Open and allow the consumer to decide which channel to watch. BBC got it late notice last year, ended up I think on the red button, and it was ok, but not that great.

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

Everyone should see British open. That was great putting drill ? Tiger is often putting with one hand and then you can do this drill after that. I'm Tiger ?

Hacker golf says:

Big events have to be on free to air tv. I grew up imitating all the great sportspeople and watched as much cricket, football, tennis, golf as I could and wanted to be just like them

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