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Learn how to setup for the single plane golf swing from a former Natural Golf certified Instructor who learned from Moe Norman. I filmed and studied Moe Norman's golf swing for the past 15 years. You can see many of the videos here on youtube. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Visit my website at

Visit my website at for more information on learning a similar Single Plane golf swing, and if you want support in learning the method sign up as a member there there is a 14 day free trial then it only costs $9.95 per month. You can also become a free subscriber and access the setup video. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Subscribe here on Youtube to be notified when more videos are released.

Kirk Junge was a Natural Golf certified instructor from 1998 to 2007, and was responsible for answering over 3000 customer questions in the company's website forum. He is also familiar with many other single plane (single axis) golf swing systems including IMA golf, Big Grip Golf (BGG golf), and the Heard Super Swing (HSS Golf) He also invented the Minimalist Single Plane Golf swing, which is similar to the Stack and Tilt golf swing with a Single Plane setup.

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Mark Sherer says:

Worked on this swing for months with a little success, gave in and took a
lesson from a “Graves” academy instructor, Have improved 100% with the
swing after that lesson….for me I had to think arms swing to make it
work, now I hit some amazingly straight shots, I was way off trying to
make it a body swing. 

Osbourne Blake says:

With the single plane swing does the lie angle of your clubs matter?

Ninja_Prime says:

I’ve been practicing with this grip, and it works a treat, I have never hit
consistent straight shots before. When I first tried this I felt like I was
holding the club face closed, but that was just a feeling, thanks for
explaining this better. One question tho, in the videos of Moe Norman, at
address the ball is virtually level with his left toe and his stance was
also wider. His lower body I also noticed wasn’t as active, what I mean is
his right knee wasn’t supposed to touch the left knee.

samiam1150 says:

Does a single plane swing require a change in lie angle? Can you hit fades
and draws with a single plane swing? Do you lose distance using the single
plane swing?

Ryan Smith says:

These single plane swings are for people who haven’t been taught to
properly use their hips.

Bo Parker says:

This swing has done wonders for lowering my score. However, I get stuck
with drawing the ball left even if my hands go towards the target. I’ll go
back to the range and work it out, but I’d love to know WHY it’s occurring
every once in a while with this single plane swing. It’s such a simple
swing, so what am I doing on those rare occasions. It happens more with my
driver and longer woods. 

Bill Bojanowski says:

kirk i cannot keep my left elbow straight because of flexability will this
still work

Charles Balce says:

Hi Kirk, great analogy on Mo Normans swing! This method will work on bunker
and chip shots as well? You have a video on those aspects of the game with
that swing or similar? I’m always looking to improve on my short game.

Robin Woolf says:

Recently came across your website and was really impressed by your method.
I’ve been playing far too long and have, over the years, developed an
extremly long, gangly swing with a bent left arm plus a reverse pivot. This
has, no doubt, contributed to all manner of awful shots not to mention
lower back issues. I’m just about to go and practice some of your drills
but am slightly confused as to the difference between the single axis/ one
plane method. Or are they, in fact, more or less the same?
Robin Woolf

bergalini says:

I don’t know how people can say who is the best ball striker. I mean, what
scientific evidence exists that Moe Norman strikes the ball better than any
other golfer. Just people’s opinions. Not science, therefore not fact. I am
not saying Moe wasn’t great, what I am saying is that there is no
scientific evidence that I am aware of that proves that he strikes the ball
better than anyone on the planet.

John Presley says:

You look a lot like Steve Stricker. :)

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

Nice driving range. Btw is the ball going dead straight? 

Mitch Grashin says:

Hi Kirk. Great information. Thanks for sharing. I’m hitting with this swing
nicely, but about 2 clubs shorter than I’m used to hitting, except for the
driver which is going pretty far and straight. I do have a problem that is
keeping my consistency down: HOW DO I INITIATE THIS SWING, or I should say
how do you initiate this swing? Shoulder turn? Hands moving the
hands-shoulder arm unit? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Massimo Cellante says:

I note you don’t keep your right foot planted through impact as Moe Norman
does – why?

Stan Wilson says:

Do you use an vardon grip or base ball grip 

Raul Cardenas says:

This is great information. Can you please tell me what is the angle of the
club and your arms create with reference to the body as you address the
ball? Is there a particular angle to have i.e. 45 to 49 degrees… thank
you in advance for the response.

Barry Mostovoy says:

best video I have seen for a senior golfer.

Paul van der Merwe says:

How long did it take to master this swing?

dingus amungus says:

Wow!!! I tried this at the range and was quite impressed. Irons were a
dream, straight and long. Driver was better than normal but still had

Jess Headley says:

I notice that your left hand is not at the end of the club..aka..”choked”
up a bit..does this make you stand closer to the ball and I find it is
easier to hit..especially on driver and fairway woods..

SearchBucket2 says:

Probably the best example of a single plane swing I’ve seen but there
again, you are a tall man are you not? I cannot imagine a short man hitting
very well with this method (unless he uses shorter clubs and loses length).
You get a lot of help from gravity and your swing is more up and down the
“line” …. a short man would have to “fight” gravity at the top and his
impact would be on-line less time … and you know what that means?

HollywoodTnA says:

you sound just like Mo lol ” every ball perfectly straight “

Paul van der Merwe says:

Thanks for the reply. I am 40 now and i don’t seam to be as flexible as i
use to be. I need to do something to still get a proper swing going and i
will surely study your video,s.I try to play at least twice a week but
don’t have much time to practice. I think i should turn one of the two golf
games a week into a practice session. Regards.

Michael o'neill says:

Looks interesting, does the ball go as far as with a normal swing,, seems
like your only making half swings. 

Terry .W says:

Your videos may have saved my game. I’ve been following the moe Norman
swing for years. Started with natural golf, then graves, then I bought a
book from some guy in canada who swings like him. But it seems your videos
have me on the right track. This whole time I’ve been obsessed with grip
size and building them up, getting my clubs as heavy as possible, etc.
Thank you. 

Ganadores says:

Kirk, thank you for the great videos, i really like the Moe Norman swing.
The first time that i have try this it went perfect. Now i hit the balls to
the left with a lot of spin on it, sometimes the balls are going like an
boomerang, they come back. It look like trick shots lol. I try to swing
more from in to out, change my grip from weak to strong on all different
ways neutral, weak, pointing to the right by the start of the swing but the
balls still making an U turn.
Till now nothing helps, do you have any idea? Thanks, Robert.

lwest8300 says:

Can you do this with a driver

wiganrlfcwigan says:

Can’t wait to try this

webbum says:

Do you have any close up videos on Moe’s grip? Especially the trail hand?

maxxsee says:

Nice imitation of Moe. How far do you hit your 7 iron and your driver with
this swing? 

Terry .W says:

What size grips are you using? Thank you

peter s p Lim says:

Very excellent simple explanation of the single plane golf swing. Thanks

Kirk Junge says:

Working the ball is no problem at all. It is actually easier then with
conventional golf. Most people gain distance with single plane swing as
they make better more consistent contact.

Kirk Junge says:

You are welcome. If you need more help then visit my website in the
description above. There are helpful drills there as well. You can try it
for 14 days for free.

Kirk Junge says:

Hi John, Yes, using the body properly and passive hands will enable the
straight shots. Moe had an advantage in that he was left handed, so he
would never hit with his right arm as most amateurs do. The early release
with the Single Plane setup makes people hook the ball, Still better then
slicing, but to get it right you need to follow the drills on my website
listed under the video in the description. Setup and drill 1 are free,
otherwise there is a 14 day free trial where you get all drills

abennett4 says:

Nice demonstration! I’m going to give it a try when my elbow stops hurting.

Kirk Junge says:

I use an overlap grip, with normal sized grips. I see no advantage to
oversized grips unless your hands are very large.

Lee N says:

Kirk…you posted moe’s private demo. In that he talks about narrower
stance than before, also he says he isn’t using his hands, also he says he
swings the whole club now. Could you explain better what he was talking
about with his latest swing? Also appeared he was not using an overlapping

Kirk Junge says:

While you have access to single plane, minimalist single plane, and
conventional golf, it is understood that a person will only use one of
those methods. The drills are very helpful regardless of which method you
choose, and they are specific to the method you choose. You can try for 14
days for free.

Kirk Junge says:

If you look at many of the the top pros they also do not go all the way
around on the through swing. Some do, and some do not. If you look at some
of the videos that I have posted of Moe Norman then you will also see that
he does not go through so far. If your impact position and contact with the
ball is good then you will be in good shape.

M Ace67 says:

I watched this video 5 times…

jeloro1 says:

when I have tried single plane the club has not sit the same on the ground.
Do I need to change the lie of the club to swing on single plane way?
because I contact with the toe of the club first and open the club face.

Kirk Junge says:

Glad you like it. I put up a new video today comparing my swing to Moe’s,
and then with me hitting different clubs.

Allen Davis says:

Kirk are you using ten finger grip or overlap with oversize grips and which
do you prefer

Greg Davis says:

I was curious if you can work the ball left and right with the single plain
swing and if you hit it as far compared to the 2 plain swing.

joprit100 says:

Thanks for the ultra quick response. I’ve just been walking the dog up on
the course in howling wind and rain (we’re in Wales Lol) and trying the
body release – but again with the 54 wedge and I can do it OK. Will visit
your website for sure. I’m 64 and play off 8 but the wild long game is
killing my scoring. I’ve tried everything (literally) but this could be it!
Thanks again! John

joprit100 says:

Hi Kirk – Saw on of your vids yesterday and had a go this morning with the
54 wedge. Great – but had to keep the ball way back in the stance or R hand
wants to turn over badly. I know I’ll hook it with the longer clubs which
is why I’ve given up the moe type swing in the past. Now I see this vid and
note that you advocate a body release action. Is the body release the key
to avoiding the hooks with the R hand so far underneath the club? Thanks

M Ace67 says:

Thanks for showing the grip, Excellent !!!!!!!

Kirk Junge says:

Moe powered his golf swing with his body. Letting the right hand ride is
very good advice for any golf swing. The overlapping grip is important as
it gets the hands closer together as they need to work together and not
against each other.

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