Sir Alex Ferguson loses his cool over Ryder Cup question

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Sir Alex Ferguson refuses to comment on Europe's stunning Ryder Cup victory, in a pre-match UEFA Champions League press conference on Monday

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Salford Gaz says:

legend nothing else to say

Jeff Namhie says:

It would help if you could actually understand this guy. He should take the
marbles out of his mouth before he speaks.

C Murp says:

Lighten up a bit Sir Alex. 

Bustaface says:

I can’t understand a thing he says -.- and what’s with the monkey at the

86compgeek says:

He was probably hungover.

albertoa406 says:

fuck you sir alex ferguson

Sd Sd says:

It’s an accent mate, learn to be respectful of other cultures everyone in
Glasgow talks like that, in fact Fergie’s is a very watered down version of
the Glaswegian accent.

zzzaaa0990 says:

Where was he tonight after Ronaldo’s goal sent man u/fa packing from the
CL?Such a bad loser he gave the press the 2 finger salute and sent
Phelan(next man u/fa manager)to face the media.Bad form,but not

Adrian Guzman says:

This guy needs to be knocked down a peg. Fuckin idiot. I hope somebody
kicks a football into his face!

mwillis1000 says:

Scottish accents are great arent they!

z3t says:

Sensational accent! Just love his scottish accent.

kristopher masterson says:

what a rude asshole

Willy McAllister says:

Yeah but it’s still hilarious

Zone says:

relegated…relegated…relegated…relegated…relegated… XD loserpool
stop being jealous of bigger and better teams

LiveMayhemHD says:

Guys its a football conference not a boring golf one,Ryder Cup is off topic

mwillis1000 says:

Why? The reporter asked a stupid question, and SAF doesnt answer questions
like that, not many managers do………and rightfully so, managers can
answer what they like, there are no laws saying otherwise.

Jesus Christ says:

Lizn zissa pess confabubble foobel match.. you’ve got you go go wey ov the
top fo ye program. Wa no answer now, wa ere talk bout foobel… Christ

jason mcloughlin says:

wot qas the question??

mw3ownage91 says:

jonny evans. he’s shook

Karla Wright says:

sky sports question

DAV L says:

Fuckin journo’s. Such useless cunts.

kimjongil69er says:

What a shit fucking video!!!

FootballEditor2012JP says:

Take a joke you pompous piece of shit

TeamFedorIreland says:

that makes no sense there ted

danieldurchtechnik says:

Learn not to be an oversensitive queer.

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