Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 1/3

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Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 1/3
Peter Finch Golf:
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre challenges Peter Finch to a big money skins match around Flixton Golf Club in Manchester. Flixton Golf Club started its career in 1893. The first ten years were spent elsewhere but in 1903 the club moved to the land on which the course is now played. Over the years extra land has been purchased, the holes changed and improved until you come to the course as it is today.



11hoursoff says:

New camera’s nice rick and is that a new putter??


New camera looks great, I love the zoom into the green during the approach
shots. Also, what’s that big yellow thing in the sky? Haven’t seen that on
your videos before.

alec hamilton says:

loved this game wish i could be there with you both awesome course Thanks

rianco says:

what kind of camera did you buy? love the video and it does look cleaner!

Golfguy076 says:

New Putter Rick?

cikarang5 says:

Nice video Rick. Just a small point, as a Flixton member I know that your
put on 3 would have been 5 feet away if it hadn’t hit the Go Pro on the
floor, surely you should have conceded Petes’ put for par. Paul

Stephane Gauthier says:

loving those vlogs. Skins game is refreshing too.

George L says:

Thanks for the vlog
As always great golf and more professional than mark Crossfield vlog as
they run there’s like a circus.
Please keep up the good work.

Jack Edwards says:

Nice vid rick. When’s the vid gonna be up with the winner of the ashworth

paul latina says:

love these vids guys…keep them coming….more enjoyable than watching the
boys on the us tour..

Darren Buxton says:

Great video again boys, loving the new camera

Shawn Graf says:

I love their sense of humor…i would be laughing too hard with these cats
to play golf…love it….more more please

Michael Joplin says:

The new video camera looks fantastic, good purchase!

John White says:

I’m so glad Rick didn’t try to putt like Michelle Wie! :)

Robert Davies says:

Great vlog guys always a pleasure to watch, keep up the good work.

i Mc says:

Does that Mckenzie term originate from the course designer? I play on a
Mckenzie course. 

redlinejcw says:

Liking the skins format! Go Pete Go!!!

124baseballboy says:

You guys are both such class acts

Steve Caunce says:

Love the vids guys, quality! Good to see your game plans per hole, really

William says:

yay finally a course vlog :D

ZeroSumJ1 says:

What’s a Mckenzie?

Shawn Graf says:

Great vid…thx

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Big Money Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 1/3 with Peter Finch

Daniel Cordes says:

Gaaah thats annoyiiiingk! Very annoyiiiiingk!! Hahahaha, had to see that
several times, laughed my head off

Love your vlogs !

TheFester999 says:

Peter finch possibly has the most cheesy grin I have ever seen!! 

Pj Meaney says:

Why have you changed your putter rick?

manula pabari says:

rick stand open pick the club up and swing left for 6 months

Sgt Pepper says:

I live in east Yorkshire so know all about rubbish weather

Ben Dover says:

Mine is only loading in 360p…

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