Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 2/3

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Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 2/3
Peter Finch Golf:
Mobile: 07952514656

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre challenges Peter Finch to a big money skins match around Flixton Golf Club in Manchester. Flixton Golf Club started its career in 1893. The first ten years were spent elsewhere but in 1903 the club moved to the land on which the course is now played. Over the years extra land has been purchased, the holes changed and improved until you come to the course as it is today.



Christopher Stevens says:

think its only a matter of time until you two kiss

PingDrv00 says:

So when does your SLDR arrive Peter?

Shawn Graf says:

“Shaft envy” is never a good thing…lmao

Rick Shiels PGA says:

“Big Money” Skins Match at Flixton Golf Club Part 2/3 with @PFGolfPro

Google-is-a-pain says:

Good spirited competitive match. Awesome long drives on the 2nd last hole!
I’m learning a bit as well thru watching your golf swings, posture, follow
through etc. Thanks guys

Andrew Foulds says:

Love the banta ha ha, makes the game so much more fun 

James Whelan says:

Peter, was fitted for driver, nike 2.0 in reg before lessons, I hit about
75% fairways with 260 total distance whilst set @ 8.5, back spin is 3200,
should I shaft up stiffer like you just to see what happens ??

Tyler Orr says:

rick if you dont mind me askin how old r u 

George Jupin says:

Why don’t u get an arm lock putter and review it they are amazing 

Sgt Pepper says:

Stick that x stiff shaft in an i25 Pete then Rick won’t be past u or take
the plunge & loft up

Tyler Orr says:

how much is e1 in american dollars?

redlinejcw says:

Great vid. 

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