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Tech Savvy says:

I don’t understand why you don’t compare the skytrack to a laser rangefinder to a trackman 4 or gcquad or foresight x3 then shoot the ball with the laser rangefinder to see which is the most accurate even tho we all know trackman 4 is the most accurate for ball flight and distance and gc quad provides the most accurate spin numbers and information on the strike

Lee Doodson Golf says:

I'm assuming when used skytrak the laser dot was at bottom of the tee peg for driver use as trying to work out how to use driver on range with skytrak cheers lee

martin hastie says:

Very nIce imformative review . Well done.

Dennis Duncan says:

super informative ,,,thank you!

Zion Huntsman says:

As I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I discovered how comprehensive it explains the correct way of performing a golf swing. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I`ve read 1/2 of this book and also the ideas are great. Looking over this book allowed me to score 3 straight low 80s rounds.

Jon Robbins says:

I just want the staff bags

Steven Soule says:

Thanks Ali,
Have you played a few holes with it? Looks like our studios are similar

lonestargun says:

Looks great for gapping. 3yrd diff is not a big deal for the avg golfer. Def worth a buy

Brian Canady says:

did the ball flight that was shown on the skytrak match what your flightscope tracked? I know the distance numbers were basically the same but i'd like to know if the formulas used match what the actual flightscope tracks with the images and shows of an actual ball flight. i want to get a skytrack for a basement/garage simulator but i will be hitting in to a net so i wont get to see complete ball flight so i would be solely dependent on the skytrak giving accurate information.

nbraun says:

First time watching. Hasn't a coach told you to keep head down and watch the ball hit the club face?

metamurph says:

I think the other value is a "budget" kit for golf sim during the winter then out to the range. If you are just at the range, the SC200 as mentioned will give you the data you most need…carry distance, at least data that will be useful to your game without the pro to help analyze etc.

Get Back To Golf says:

nice great video… this Skytrak isn't cheap but much cheaper than the flightScope.

Sungill Kim says:

Which column is the "offline" measurement? Thanks

Mick Clark says:

A holiday or Skytrak? I think you've just made my mind up, great review!

Nabors75 says:

I believe that for flightscope to get accurate spin data you need to put a small metallic reflective sticker on the ball.

Combobulate says:

does measure path and angle of attack. It doesn't work these out from ball flight but does for dynamic loft and face angle

Cace Smith says:

Have a friend who built a hitting bay in his garage and has been using the SkyTrak for a while now. He absolutely loves it and swears by the accuracy. Everything I've seen and heard about this LM is really good. I'd love to pick one up and set up a practice bay in the my garage, especially for those winter months. Great review!!

kwangsoo3 says:

Wonderful review!! Thanks for your comparison between FS and Skytrak. I am a Skytrak owner in the US. I have trust in Skytrak, but I know how hard to set things up to compare two different machines fairly. Great job!!

Simon Pilcher says:

Nice review can't wait to get mine , managed to get one imported from the states should be here by the end of the month hopefully I'll be able to add some simulation software in the near future .

JAG sixtyfive says:

All credit to you for doing this, and it just shows how these launch monitors can differ from one machine to another. I think you nailed it when you said you think that FS can read a little low for spin rates, and also kudos for the Skytrak rep to put his faith in his product live on a vid like this. Fair play to both of you!

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