Skytrak – The Ultimate Ball Test – Honma TW-X, Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft, Taylormade TP5

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Philip Pritchett says:

Im sorry but this is just wrong

Christian Smith says:

Great vid Craig and will try the Honma. I'm currently gaming the TM Tour Response…interested to see how it would compare.

Keith Newton says:

Great test this Craig really enjoyed it, i used to use vice for 4 years until they had a massive price hike, I then tried Bridgestone xs, Bridgestone rx and Honma tw x last year all of which I liked the honma I was getting at £26 per doz so if they are that good I will carry on, thanks, BTW I think the distance numbers should of only mattered in the driver, great video ?

Duncan Pike says:

A couple of questions for you re balls… I’m guessing you’re like me and don’t lose many balls, how many rounds do you play with a ball before you put a new one down? (I tend to wear my balls out where they go dull), also, I bought quite a few Titleist ProV1x a number of years ago, do they have a shelf life? And am I losing out on performance against the new Pro V1x? Cheers!

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