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In our first episode of the “Best Training Aids in Golf” series, we discuss one of our favourite training aids ever: The Tour Striker Smart Ball. See how this simple device can help you with connection, sequencing, strike pattern, face control and more!

0:00 // How does it work
5:38 // Baseline swings
7:43 // Smart Ball Training with wedge

11:43 // 7 iron
14:26 // Summary

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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Greg Hill says:

The smart ball really keeps me from being stuck in my downswing! Love it! Great video! Thanks!

MrTkeddo says:

Justin Rose always uses this on the range.

SmokeyTheDog says:

Would this help someone who’s trying to shorten their backswing? I’ve been +3 handicap for 2 years now and haven’t made much progress in shortening the backswing!

I’ve done countless “freeze” swings where I stop at the top to try and drill it into my head, but I lose connection between my lead arm and body after my shoulders stop turning and the arms keep going back.

John Zur says:

Kaymer had the tennis ball when he won at Pinehurst

Randall Siedschlag says:

Would you guys prefer this or the planemate?

SEM MES says:

I find if your a person with a large chest it’s very difficult to keep the elbows together

Carpe Diem says:

Same thing available on Amazon for less than 20 bucks and comes with two other training aids.

Adam Chastant says:

I love the Smart Ball!

SEM MES says:

did you find you swing more to the right (for a left handed golfer) on your follow through /down swing? It looks like you do. Do you use it with driver swing as well or just irons? thanks guys great video

Nick Racine says:

Kymer won the US Open by double digits that year. That was my first experience seeing this type of training aid as well. Justin Rose uses it a lot as well to help him rotate and stay connected.

RamsnDodgersfan says:

Big value from these two, as always.

ddavenport68 says:

Bought it! Love it!!

Christher / Svingit says:

Where in Europe can I find this?

Jeff Parker says:

Darn! I just found this awesome video. Very informative as all your vids are. Snowing here now so guess I’ll buy one for spring. Thanks guys.

John Dupuis says:

Just ordered yesterday after watching this video, definitely have separation on my takeaway

Seth Goodman says:

How does this compare to the Planemate and what are the similarities/differences? I'm debating whether to buy one or the other, or if they perform completely different functions. Great video!

chachifeere says:

Greg Norman the secret

pbenga says:

For the longest time, I though Ian's name was really Galvin Green. I kept thinking why does this guy always wear a shirt/vest/jacket with his own name? I was today's years old when I learned that Galvin Green is a brand of golf clothing……expensive ones at that.

Chris Walker says:

Absolutely obsessed with the channel only come across it a few weeks ago but can’t stop watching various videos. So knowledgeable and have learned so much watching the technical aspects of equipment and the swing. Cheers guys.

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