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What is a smash factor?
How do we improve it to hit the ball longer & straighter?
Today I will answer both questions!

I hope you enjoy!

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Filmed at our beautiful Upland Hills CC


Chad says:

Excellent training video. Love your story about the kid. Will definitely try the door exercise. Thank you.

Hector Ortiz says:

I have been your Youtube student for couple of years, struggling to understand how I can do the weight transfer without turn my front foot. I have watched many videos and practiced many hours without any success. I feel that this is one of the best drills to teach how to transfer weight to the front foot, but also how to swing the irons as well. Thank you Aimee. I will continue watching all your videos.

David Kao says:

Aimee, after watching your videos for driver and irons for just one week, my game improved. Keep them coming. Thanks!

Rich C says:

A damn good instructor. Excellent tuition and so clearly and well explained. I get more out of 5 minutes watching one of Aimees videos than I get from hours of watching other online instructors.

Bhim Tube says:

Thanks, Aimee! This is a great lesson.

Richard S says:

Im left handed, can you say front & rear rather than left side & right side?

melissa eaves says:

Aimee , your videos are really helpful! Do you ever have golf clinics?

Idan A Hasan says:

Wish had her smooth swing looks so effortless

Richard Leonard says:

Her "bad" swing is better than my best

Grunt 49 says:

I am Aimeefied!

Tom Kennedy says:

I love your lessons. They are always clear and concise. Thanks

Salvador Sarmiento says:

Aimee is such a great instructor!!

ticarot says:

Good demo, but smash factor wasn't the biggest difference between the two swings. Hitting 29.4 degrees right vs. 5.9 left was, which is the real beneficiary of a squarer club face.

Max-Andrew McMillan says:

Great, loved it, will try that tomorrow.

Art L says:

Love the music and flight scope!

Brett Karst says:

The door drill is great! More stragedy to help my students. I'll use it today

Robert Blauner says:


hedwegg says:

A Fun Jot: A child enjoys learning. Calmness is part of learning. To smash the ball calmly gives demeanor a new meaning. Love your style, Aimee. Keep up the great work.

Tackling Dummy says:

Great instructional.

Erik Sparks says:

i love you and thanks for the great lessons

Robbie S says:

thanks Aimee.You are the best!!!

Max-Andrew McMillan says:

Brilliant as always. Thanks for yet another great lesson.

Henry McKenna says:

Love u Aimee, great ,Simple, and effective.

Se Chavez says:

Thanks for this lesson Aimee!!! Played Bermuda Dunes today and focused on this lesson throughout my round and was crushing my irons!! Only thing that kept me from shooting in the 70's was I flew 6 greens…flew them!! My buddies were quite impressed with my ball striking!! People, do what Aimee says!! Aimee is awesome!!

Mistaarnold says:

Aimee you have a very high smash factor in more ways than one. Marry me.

Duke Carey says:

I've watched golf instruction videos from a number of channels and then stumbled on some of yours. Your explanations really make sense and help me more than all the others. Thanks for putting this content out there.

Ronnie Logan says:

Thanks for being you. I could watch you forever. xxx

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