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TPA tennis says:

Can you get perfect smash factor with a draw or fade?

tompem says:

"normal swing is 75 to 80%" This is from a world class player.

Shoegum says:

Smash factor is regulated .

FuzOnAcid says:

If anything it's a demonstration of how good that driver is on off center hits and how the 10 mph extra only gave him 8 extra yards max.

FuzOnAcid says:

22 yards? He lost 6-8 yards on that hit according to the device. Did I miss something?

Melissa Wallace says:

Wow without the Trackman he never would of know he was off center! lol This is stupid!

Dale Owens says:

3 drives with SF 1.49-1.5, ball speed 167 mph, went 266-269 yds. A mishit with a SF of 1.4 and a ball speed of 156 mph, results in a distance of 260 yds. While the video says 11 mph less ball speed should equate to a loss of 22 yds. Is something not being calculated properly?

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Dufner SMASH!

steffen rakoll says:

"little misshit drops to 1.49". thats crazy.

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