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Rick Shiels PGA says:


kevin medlock says:

Absolutely massive!!!! 370 next????

Jeremy Turner says:

Even just watching this video made me feel worn out… congrats again pete.

Golfguy076 says:

Rick warming Pete’s balls

patrick mcloughlin says:

Great hit Finchy, i found it interesting though that the shot had a heavy
draw considering it was a centered strike and the club face was 1.6 degrees
open to the path. #confusedbutstillimpressed

David Ziemann says:

way to go, Pete. 350 drives justify your new gangsta look.

MrBracek says:

Awesome smash Mr Finch!

Carl Broadbent says:

Did adjusting your undies after every shot help?
Might use that technique on the course myself. 

brown55061 says:

I see guys like Fowler, Tiger, Kuchar etc fly the ball almost 300 with
110-115mph. So how does this flight scope not show 127mph carrying at least
300 consistently? Either the TV lies about yardage or these computer models
are off. Wouldn’t it be easier to just paint a stripe at 350yds on the
range and see if it goes that far??

romeojo says:

Hulk juice in that cup! Good stuff!

MrBadassbuddha says:

maybe the title should have been ‘ watch pete pick his cacks out of his
arse for 18 minutes’ ….JUST SAYING. Well done Pete, but please now go
back to the smoothest swing on the tube PLEASE!!!

chamilitary999 says:

Woow, you have so much potential, 358y wtih a SM of only 1.40 ( SM of a
tour pro 6 iron, lol ) With this video, finding the center of face is
really important, because with the same Swing speed you got 269y carry to
333y carry. the thing that amazed me, is that if Mcilroy or DJ were
hitting with Peter, it would only take them 2-3 shots with SS : 122-123 :
13-15° LA 2000-2200 spin and 183-185 BS. So Peter could hit 350 y
consistently with only 120-122 SS if he could manage to get a SM of
1.48-1.50. There is no point getting 130+SS if it results with a worst SM.
Only my opinion though.

By the way is it normal to hit +100 SS with a 6i ( KBS C taper XS 130g) and
only 110 with the driver ( Whiteboard 44.5inches 73X ?

Justin M says:

I’m guessing 12 shots Pete

matt barto says:

Great vid. Would it be possible to discuss what caused some of those big
left or right hits? Were they mostly strikes or path? The ball speed looks
really consistent.

Mark Dean says:

Well done again Pete!!
As a 10 handicap player I noticed a flaw in your technique………tight

Joel's Golf Journey says:

Awesome distance. 

Gary Jones says:

wowwww, i think i would be glaad to take any of those, but big, big
congratulations on achieving your 350 quest, with interest pete. phenomenal
hitting. wonder how this could effect your normal rounds of golf, by being
around 300 and on fairway. superb mate, look forward to new course vlogs.

LeoGolf says:

Maybe a longdrive contest against Joe Miller? Could be funny to compare
their swings

Totallymejestic says:

I trusted finch to much, I said 4 haha

Michael Rolton says:

Great stuff Pete. 358 – you see, you weren’t just a one hit wonder!

5W337YP13 says:

You could get 345-350 carry with higher smash if the GC2 is recording it
correctly! The shot you hit 358 was 1.40 smash if I saw it correctly, you
got some room man!

Andrew Linch says:

Well done Pete, interesting to see that in this age of super forgiving
driver faces, that they are in fact not so forgiving as the manufacturers
would like us to believe. 

ian bainbridge says:

Suspect you will do yourself an injury swinging that hard for so long.
Looking at dispersion of shots it pays to swing within yourself. Distance
obsession when its the score on your card that counts.

Nabors75 says:

Your ball speed is terrible compared to swing speed. Are you using range
balls? The smash factor on most of your shots was under 1.40. Even your 358
shot was only showing a 1.40 smash on a center hit. I would expec to see
ball speeds in the 180’s with that swing speed.

Tony Rock says:

Pete, why aren’t you wearing golf shoes for more grip? Just saying that
plus the watch, could add more. 

Tysan Greaves says:

It’ll take 5

Paul Reuten says:

I’m interested to see how far you can hit it with an 80% fairways or
better. Great achievement finchy but frankly, landing it almost two
fairways wide of target is beyond description save for a mockery of ball
striking. Congrats on the reaching your goal. I do love the vids you and
rick do but enough please of the distance game. Between the pros and the
manufacturers the game is getting slaughtered.

philip3r says:

it’s tough & hard work getting to the top, now you have reached 350, have
to work even harder to maintain, good luck

Gregor Myles says:

Since you have completed the quest for 350, could you go back to your
smooth, perfect tempo.

craglyboy says:

everyone loves a good molitor joke haha

robbie966 says:

Having some trouble with your thong going up your arse Pete??

glpincus says:

very impressive.. when the backspin was below 2000rpms. they were bombed..
but with that fast a swingspeed. it seems hard to control. i wonder now
what your avg swingspeed is.. on the course.. playing for control? 120?
still smashing it as far a phil and rory. not quite to the level of dustin
johnson.. but he gets to practice and play 7 days a week in pristine
conditions and coaches etc. all in all. youre doing awesome! I still
remember just 5 months ago when I first started watching you and ricks
videos. that because you were hitting the g30 in a high loft.. you were
getting out driven by rick. despite really quick hands. come a LONGGG way
since then Pierre 😛 keep up the awesome work.

Hacker2024 says:


Alastair Hadley says:

Maybe a change of underwear could help as you seemed to be suffering from a
bit of a “Wedgie” which may have cost you a few yards.., or perhaps this is
something new in your pre-shot preparation?

David R says:

Wait… Pete has been on a quest for 350? No one told me 😉 Awesome series
of videos, thanks :)

Paul O'Connor says:

Great work. It wasn’t a fluke the first time as you’ve just proved. Great
watching a couple of mates just messing about at the range. 

gg56280 says:

What use driver for quest ?

Patrick Skinner says:


Christian Burns says:


hs1626 says:

17 balls to hit 350

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