SOOOO CLOSE!! Lumine Pro-Am – Final Round Review

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SOOOO CLOSE!! Lumine Pro-Am – Final Round Review

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Rodney Mounsey says:

Only thing wrong with this vlog, I wasn’t there?

Monkey Sp4nkz says:

great video so funny , well done peter great bants great video

Ruud Schrijvers says:

Happy anniversary guys!

Azza 1 says:

Truely awesome video , and the drone footage … WOW ?????

Dave Allen says:

Great craic, that's what golf is all about, a right old laugh with your mates! 🙂

dixonau128 says:

This is what life is about enjoying yourself and the company you are with.

More importantly laugh!

Juan Reyes says:

Keep at it Pete you are progressing well.. also how does the my round pro work? Is it a club mounted sensor? Or do you have to stop pull out your phone add a stroke and keep moving?

Zini Sela says:

Great video and your song choice is on point as per usual!

Jacob Weigand says:

That was soooo funny especially the shank

Jay Chung says:

Ah man, I would’ve loved to have been part of that group! Looks like you all had a blast. Congrats on finishing strong! Definitely a nice start to the year. Enjoy ur trip to Scotland…remember to fill us in if you pick up any additions to your whisky collection! ?

Gavin and Jack Tucker says:

What a great vlog, I pissed myself laughing. Poor Reece, his swing didn't hold up under pressure. I loved the green with a bunker inside of it. Have a good holiday.

Jacob Flaitz says:

Every future golf vlogger should watch this video — editing, cut shots, music — as an example of how to do it.

Jacob Flaitz says:

Thank You for this! ?

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