Spinning the Wedges – Smash Factor

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1DCCX says:

Isn't this the opposite of all your (extensive) fantastic wedge information about shaft lean? Or is this just a feel? Struggling to reconcile this.

Darby Smith says:

Hi Andrew, having trouble reconciling this video with the wedge project wherein you deloft a 56 degree wedge to 40 degrees DL and hit down 5 degrees AoA to achieve maximum spin loft at 45 degrees. Now you're saying to get lots of spin, you basically need to time the flip (scoop). However, this would indeed achieve high launch angle, but not high spin…

Bogey Golfer says:

I like this series there is a good mixture of technical explanation along with technique help

PatriK says:

hi andrew,thanks for this spin series!isn't this technique almost the same as the flopshot? btw i "feel" to do this technique for greenside bunkershots… are they similar as well?cheers, patrik

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