Sport Science Tiger Woods

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SoftBank47 says:

That knee straightening is the part of Tiger’s swing he’s never really
changed. I swing at about 95-100 MPH, and I tried it. My knee was feeling
awful within 10 shots.

Suraphol Kruasuwan says:

Try to use force to rotate the waist qigong exercises instead of a
baseball. There would be no stress on the knees anymore.

Michael Lopez says:

I’m sorry tiger for calling u a pussy

1180 the universe says:

This just shows golf is one of the hardest and athletic sport.

gmwphnehn says:

@f0cusen you do realize the actual term is “how to go to bed with 17 girls”
getting 17 grils into bed basically means getting 17 girls to sleep. wtf.
grammar nazi fail much?

Noxidok says:

@1koreanninja ok

Trevor McWilliams says:

And they say golf is lame

gmwphnehn says:

@f0cusen well, maybe you should check the dictionary before you say

gmwphnehn says:

@f0cusen blah, and before you say anything, i spelt girls wrong once.

Kim Budaden says:

That’s not my point.

qdE uä says:

@gmwphnehn Hahaha are you serious? Your comment made me laugh.

Christian Acero says:

parts of your body hurt

Samax13 says:

so you should probably fix that.

Robert Ward says:

Um….Bubba Watson? :/

ej04cj86 says:

my left ear felt lonely

aznpanda510x says:

dam that shit look painful.

David Schultz says:

they don’t swing 150 mph with a 44.5″ driver. they swing faster than tiger,
yes, but not by a whole lot. plus, if tiger wanted to, he could absolutely
murder a golf ball. he has to *try* to keep it on the planet and shape his
shot as well. plus he’s getting up there in age.

ExcelBaller says:

dont swing so hard

Alec Francis says:

and that doesn’t count the extreme force put on his leg muscles from bangin

Charles gist says:

cool he is my idol hopw he gets playing better

lindz1817 says:

if his tibia moved posteriorly causing a fracture, the problem is weakness
or laxity in his PCL, not his ACL. The ACL controls anterior draw.

Alan Lee says:

This is probably why his career is on the downslide and not because of his
personal issues.

AnchovyDragon says:

and yet his wife seemed to swing a golf club a shitload faster!

David Schultz says:

he’s faster. i guarantee it. he was definitely faster when he was their
age. check out the video tiger woods power shots.

sizzlebiscut . says:

Thanks, Iron Man!

Jeremy Keyes says:

every guy wants to be john brenkus when they grow up… lets be honest

JaeSong Golf says:

i play golf

sirwillieab says:

he said among the highest not the highest

Jason Williams says:

You’d think that a science-based program would not resort to hyperbole.
Tiger’s swing is not one of the fastest ever recorded. It doesn’t even come
close to the long drive champions, which can reach up to 150 mph.

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