Square the Clubface & Compress the Ball – Golf Insights – IMPACT SNAP

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Adam Bazalgette from Scratch Golf Academy sharing some insights & drills to help you square the clubface and compress the golf ball.

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Welcome to the IMPACT SNAP YouTube channel. We love golf and want to share our expertise, tips and passion for the game with the rest of the world. Instruction is brought to you by Marty Nowicki, 4-Time PGA Teacher of the Year winner and proud owner of the IMPACT SNAP golf training aid.

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Ed Stone says:

It would be worth your while to shoot this video again with audio that can be heard in stereo. The video content is worth it.

Scott Lewis says:

A waste of time looking at this Video, terrible Audio.

J Moro says:

brutal audio

e james says:

I started off using the swingyde about a year ago. I started to learn what the plane was but…..i was still befuddled about what happens at impact. The IMPACT SNAP gave me instant results but, incredibly, I kept learning everyday with it for months. Now I've got the technique down and I use it everyday to keep my swing "tuned up". It's like having a golf teaching pro with me 24/7.

xray vizhen says:

Videos are good. The audio is always terrible.

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