Square to Square Swing – Sam Goulden Golf

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The original video posted a few years ago. UPDATED LINK TO E-BOOK:


Sam Goulden says:

Thanks Danny!
Feel free to check out the playlist for more videos on square to square
Happy Golfing!

brown55061 says:

Sam I really like your simple method. Snead, Hogan, Nicklaus and the greats
didn’t have camera polished swings and were arguably the best ball
strikers. I have a question though, when you pull your hands ahead of the
ball it kinda opens the face so I’m wondering if you need to start off at
address with the face square to target line. It’s cold and snowy so I have
months before I can test out your methodology.

Brice Ris says:

This is crazy. I’ve been playing self-taught since I was a kid, and someone
just told me that I have a square to square swing. This really is almost
exactly what I do

matt eades says:

Hey Sam, started the S2S end of last season a kinda found a nice groove
(thanks) which was nice. After a canadian winter getting back on the range
I am finding that I am over hooking the ball especially high irons and
woods (I dont hit driver, 3 wood max). Is it just as simple as over

Sam Goulden says:

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! for more information feel
free to visit my website and check out the “square to square swingers forum”
Thanks again for all the comments! Happy Golfing!

Dick Nelson says:

Sam, very interesting video. One question, Steve Stricker is also known
for his shallow divots. Seems that if his swing is bottoming 4-5 inches in
front of the ball, he would be taking bigger divots. Thoughts? Thanks.

Wm. Sturman says:

Sam- I broke my neck in 3-places and was paralyzed from the neck down. Long
story short- after 5-years and 7000 hours of therapy & working out, I
regained enough motor nerve function to where I have my arms & hands back
90% and can just stand and take a few steps with 2 canes/Walker. I can
barely balance at address, but am playing golf again. I’m still 70-100
paralyzed from the chest down. Your videos are VERY HELPFUL and my goal is
to qualify for the 2015 British Open for disabled Golfers. Any help or
advice would be greatly appreciated. Super video for first time out. Many
thanks & best regards, Wm. Sturman~

Mel Green says:

You are right! it’s been working for me. keep it coming. such an easier way
to play!!!

Charles G says:

I downloaded the lessons on Kindle and read them twice. I am hitting the
ball straighter but with less distance. I am one club under all shots. If
I hit a 5 iron 150 before, now it is 130-140.

Ian Welsh says:

Hi Sam…… Is it safe to say that the type of release needed for this
swing is a “hold off” release. You know what I mean? The type of release
David Duval used to use for his shut face swing back in the early 2000s.
Or Dustin Johnson?

Shawn Englerth says:

I just had a lesson today and the pro was teaching me exactly this! It
does work. Granted, I don’t erratically bomb my 7-iron 180yds anymore but
I will take the straight to straight/draw 155yd 7-iron all day. I was
taught about keeping the club face square to the swing path with a one
piece takeaway keeping the hands quiet; focusing on taking the club back
with my torso, and taking it through with my hips and a turn. WOW! 🙂
Almost all of my swings had the divot in front of where the ball was and
the times I didn’t have a divot was only because I somehow picked it clean
or thinned the shot. Can’t wait to spend more time perfecting this swing.
I actually stuck all five balls I was playing on the green from
approximately 150 out which used to be next to impossible for me with the
handsy-swing I was gaming. Too much timing involved in that rolling the
forearms/hands type of release. 

YeOldeBassist says:

Thank you thank you thank you I have always naturally done this with my
irons and I hit great shots using my current miura tournament blades.
However I have struggled with driving accuracy due to too much rotation in
my advanced age. I still hit fairways but I could not predict fade or
draw… After watching this video I shot my lowest 9 hole score ever and
hit 13 fairways for that 18 hole round. Thanks so much and yes I broke 70
38-30 I have not been this low since my days in college as a low plus
golfer my average round is 76 so this was an amazing improvement for me I
hope it lasts! One question, I struggle with game improvement or cavity
clubs could this be why? I do hit the dime on my club face with blades
ranging from hogans years ago to mizuno to my current miura… I tried ap2
and gave them to a friend after a week ball went way too high with c tapers
and I lost control and feel. Thanks again do you have videos for sale or
partner pros on the east coast?

dry509 says:

Hello..how do you get to top of backswing? When I turn my shoulders entire
club and my arm is straight and parallel to ground unless I lift my arms
and or cock my wrist?

Mark Burke says:

Sam, great shot of Locke 2011. You had camara angle spot on. I recently
looked at Locke and could not understand the camara angle above and to tbe

Also I do not believe you understand whst wrist cock is in realtion to NO
wristcock. Here’s why, 1st that is ‘impact fix position’ what your
descibing TGM no big deal also not a playable forward press (just a drill)
At least not for most quality players. The other issue is by pushing
forward with shaft prior to takeaway “changes” the right wrist position /
shaft postion and now you do not have NO WRIST COCK……you set wrist (
pre cock) prior to engaging your alledged ‘ turn – turn’ philosophy.

Stricker lacks massive flexibility in all parts of his body. He cannot
swing it like Scott Rory or Kaymer.

He cannot get to those atheletic positions. I believe swinging n hitting
are completely different. Stricker a hitter not fast twitch muscles. JB
Holmes hitter w fast twitch.

My opinion that photo sequence of Brian Locke is model perfect. Locke hits
it as good as I have seen.

Appreciate you allowing my comment. Thank you

Freddie Ljunberg says:

That tip was just great. Thanks sam

Keval Patel says:

Let’s see how this works for me on the range, I have trouble with the face
being open and block shots off to the right, hopefully this cures it. The
fact of the matter is that rotating shoulders is so much easier than have
the club rotate, but wouldn’t this reduce power/distance?

John Rollins says:

Got the e-book hope this helps with my fade!!!

Ken Lukongodo says:

Wow your explanation seems so logical let me take it to the range I will
give you feedback in a day or two!

Mike Glickman says:

I have watched 100’s of videos on the golf swing. This has been by a mile
the best. I immediately began striking my irons more consistently than ever
before. THANK YOU for posting this. THANK YOU!

Joseph Hatch says:

How is shooting 42 on the back nine and 47 on the front nine after watching
your video here and the driver video. I usually break 100.
Thanks so much. I think I’ll even do some practicing and really improve.
Thanks so much Sam. Haven’t played golf in 6 months and last time I played
it was so bad I thought I was going to quit the game I love. Thanks again

Craig Carman says:

Very helpful.

mike smith says:

Just great. I’m sort of self taught. Always naturally used this method for
all my chips and pitch shots and have always been deadly accurate, but took
some lessons and “learned” to rotate my wrists and everything just went
south. Didn’t understand. But now using your method for all my shots and
accuracy right back.

derrick curley says:

I recently found this swing and I love it. The only problem I have is that
I can’t get any launch with longer irons. Do you have the same problem?
If not, do you have any tips to launch higher with this swing style?

木場本知明 says:

Duval did that closed or shut face 

King Jaffe Joffer says:

This is golden, Sam! Great vid. Tried it and works a treat. Keep up the
good work.

Oliver Jones says:

I tried this today, JAN 25, 2014 I shot 3 over on the front, 6 over on the
back, I hit about 30 balls prior to going out today, No bull I hit a 4 iron
today 240 yards it was a little wind aided but I flew the green on my
approach to the par 5, I also had a drive of about 341 on a par 4 401 yard
hole. I have never felt contact or impact like this before. Now I am a
okay golfer already 12.9 index with a 117 swing speed but I and 60 years
old but I have a feeling I am going to get better with this method. I
really was able to hit some very accurate shots, thanks Sam I love you
tube. I learn so much. Works great for chip as well

Barry Mostovoy says:

another good vidio lesson from Dan.
I am 78 and working on continuing to hit the ball consistantly

just the truth says:

great video, It absolutely works, Thanks

Sven Hallauer says:

Great tip Sam, it really works. The one part where I’m struggling with
using it is the driver – it somehow creates way too much backspin and the
ball launches way to high and lands at too steep an angle to get any roll.
Any ideas?

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