St Annes Old Links Split Sixes Match Pt 1

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St Annes Old Links Split Sixes Match Pt 1
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Split Sixes Definition:

Split Sixes is a golf format or betting game for a group of three golfers. On each hole of the round, six points are at stake, and the three golfers split those points. At the end of the round, high points wins. If a betting game, payouts are based on each players' accrued points.

So, how are the six points split on each hole? This way:

The golfer with the low score on the hole gets 4 points
The golfer with the middle score on the hole gets 2 points
The golfer with the high score on the hole gets 0 points
Of course, there are likely to be tie scores on many holes. How does that affect the points distribution? Thusly:
Two golfers tie for low score: Both get 3 points, the high scorer gets 0
Two golfers tie for high score: The low scorer gets 4 points; the two golfers tied for high score each get 1 point
All three golfers tie: Each golfer gets 2 points
Some golfers prefer not to award any points at all if there is a 3-way tie; that's something for members of the group to decide prior to beginning the round.
If playing Split Sixes as a betting game, golfers in the group must also decide how much each point (or unit) is worth. Tally up the points at the end of the round and pay out the differences. Let's say Player A wins with 43 points, Player B has 35 points and Player C has 30 points. A collects eight units from B and 13 units from C; B pays eight units to A and collects 5 units from C; C pays 13 units to A and 5 units to B.

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Happiest Hand Warmer Ever! 

David Morrissette says:

Andy Carter! Great surprise to see him back… Drag him along more often!

Sgt Pepper says:

+Rick Shiels PGA be good 2c +Ged Walters Golf in some more vlogs, as long
as he has upgraded his…

Rick Shiels PGA says:

St Annes Old Links Split Sixes Match Pt 1

The return of @AndyCarterPGA Ft @PfgolfPro at @StAnnesOldLinks 

benjo33682 says:

Great Vlog guys. After watching Crossfields moaning show the last few
nights this is a breath of fresh air! 

liam f says:

Hand warmers in golf confuse me the same way footballers using gloves.
It aint cold enough in England to ever need either. Is the youth of today
turning Homo ?

gordon o'riordan says:

when its that cold u sud play Battlegolf, but instead of taking a club take
an item of clothing, NO I don’t want to see ye naked but bloody freezing
wud b amusing lol

P-M Meiners says:

Great vlog guys. Carter has a positive impact on your vlogs. Keep them

danny worsdale golf says:

Awesome!! Great shot andy. Look forward to the rest

nigel Turner says:

less chat and you will play quicker and if you walk as well will you keep

Dave Harrison says:

Never seen anyone so cold but happy as when Finchy holed that putt on the

Niklas Holm Seistrup says:

Carter Is back! Loving it

Tom Hacker says:

Awesome chip carter! I would of been happy with any of them!

Adrian Canny says:

great chip in
i use yellow srixon z star ball and recently got my hands on yellow rzn
white ball and love them they’re are great to see and a really nice ball

inathaniel11 says:

I think brian taffe could have hit that helicopter with his PW. 

madmanc111 says:

Nice chip Mr Carter

The Simple Game says:

Uh oh! 666!!! (Dun dun duuuuunnn)

Zack Kubik says:

Its funny how you guys want to be in Florida where I am and I want to be
playing links golf there!! Haha

daniel reeve says:

omg rick ive played here 2 years ago it was really tough lovely course

Jake Rommer says:

Love these vlogs, my favorite golf ones on YouTube 

Alief Abdullah says:

You guys should do a course challenge using vintage equipment. That would
be an interesting watch.

MulliganMiles says:

How cold was it C°? I’m from Sweden so it’s nice to get perspective on

rebel4669 says:

Great point system. Never seen it before, but I think I’ll have to
introduce my group to it. 

EpicalEnvy says:

Peter Finch! Make more up and downs. Obviously the hand warmer working a
treat. #luckyhandwarmer

Strat TelePaul says:

I was beginning to think someone gave you the latest Nike balls with new
“hole avoidance technology”.

Michael Hernon says:

Love the points format lads must give it a go with some friends, keep up
the good work!

Hillman Hayes says:

Love these course vlogs and amazing chip Carter. 

SP Atkins says:

Rick looks like a elf going to a rave in that luminous under armour hat.

David Vogel says:

That’s better than Crossfield!

Nick says:

what putters are you guys using

james mello says:

Rick’s “He’s crazy man” is the best part

Rhydian Coward says:

That sounds like american skins to me

Jake Phelps says:

Does Rick get free golf clubs?

gg56280 says:

This finish good job guys ⛳

The Simple Game says:

Loving the outro Rick! 

Keenan Cartwright says:

Can you do a in the bag for andy 

Joseph Plauger says:

I played on greens a little while back here in Virginia that were
completely frozen and it’s almost like playing a completely different game.
You had to land wedge shots short of the green in order to keep them pin
high because of the bounce off the frozen ground. Almost sounded like the
ball was hitting the cartpath.

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