St Enodoc Golf Club

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St Enodoc Golf Club in Cornwall is a stunning links golf course that would challenge all level of golfer. Watch as Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru take it on with James Pickard and two new faces in Ben martin and Darren Everret. This is another on course golf match filmed during this 4 balls match. Play your best golf and have fun at the same time with Mark's easy to watch golf videos.

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Fn3Putt says:

lockey army does not approve of this video 

rosshamm says:

Good to see the twitch back! Top banter guys, enjoyed it!

Dan Todd says:

Driver jpx 850? Is it going to stay in the bag?

Michael Ruppel says:

“If your caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of
lightning, hold up a 1-iron.Not even God can hit a 1-Iron.”–Lee Trevino

french13 says:

James’ swing is fucking awesome…

Solomon Spydro says:

Looking forward to the rest of these, as always 

JFH432 2 says:

“we’ve got beards and men hitting it everywhere, not very straight and
quite wild, so that’s as much as i can offer you today, thanks for watching
anyway” that’s the funniest start i’ve ever seen

elroraps says:

let’s get stuck…

Anthony C says:

Great to see a left-hander in your group finally !

richie loan says:

brilliant chat about sophie, your dream girlfriend for sure!!!

Michael Ruppel says:

I envy you guys having ready access to links courses. wish we had some in

Stompy77 says:

Besides his fairways, wedges and putter, Crossfield is all Mizuno.

Coochicoo says:

oooooohhhhh Sophie!

Jiří Mareček says:


Steve Taylor says:

another lefty, lov it

John MayBak says:

fuck this wheres locky

S. SH says:

Lmao Sophie….hahaha

Stephane Gauthier says:

Go lefty Go!

jbss7382 says:

Oi! Oi! #bridgestone golf! 200 smackeroonies today on golf stuff for saleUK!
Show offs 


Well at least one guy is playing real golf and carrying his clubs.

Golfguy076 says:

Amazing course

Ben Martin says:

No Lockey, but that’s okay, another great post Mark!

Jeff Jeffery says:

“Let’s get stuc…”



alan moore says:

New blood for Parfield. Darren the Baron’s grip, how many wraps? Eight?
0:40 Heart the Soph.

Taylor Van Cleve says:

Darren Everret kinda looks like Graeme McDowell.

teddy26yorks says:

Yaaaaaaay a lefty. About time.

Sam Bryant says:

When you asked Ben if you could call him Benjamin I really wanted him to
use the quote from snatch that goes “you can call me Susan if it makes you

Stephane Gauthier says:

Loving the new Twitchard alliance! 

Simon Barnard says:

let’s get stuc….. 

Golfnovice24 says:

Loved the homage to sophie in the beginning 

joe walsh says:

Sophie or RIOT!!!!

Perry Marchant says:

Got an idea for you. You should host a competition where us the fans can
win a round of golf with you. For example we buy the app, send in a clip
recreating one of our favourite moments from your videos and you pick the

lllllllllllllpplp says:

needs a bit more blocky ;(

Stephen Green says:

Great banter chaps, great to see the course, we are there in September in
an open event, looking forward to it even more now! One point Mark, golf
buggy, shame on you sir! 

mrpownun00b says:

come to new Zealand way better views 

Spare Time Thomas says:

New to YouTube and would love some more subscribers on my GoPro Golf
channel! Head over there to see some of my own course vlogs – a 7 handicap
player on some quality South West UK links courses!

alan frazer says:

I can see why these guys sell mars bars as pros. Not very good players

Kieran Ashbrook says:

What make is bens gilet?

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