St Mellion Nicklaus Golf Course #TheMatch

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St Mellion Golf Course #TheMatch with Mark Crossfield, Matthew Lockey, James Pickard and Kevin Harper. the 4 PGA golf professionals play around this ex European tour venue in a rematch to #theMatch they played at Honiton GC earlier this year. See who can hit the fairways on this tight challenging golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus

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elroraps says:

Literally golf’s david brent. Unbelievable ‘Finchy…!’

MDGolfaddict says:

Lockey is pure comedy gold on these vids

ThAtB0yFaEfiNtRY says:

I like to eat pussy under a mango tree.

Ryan Barnett says:

I love Pickard. He is the only guy that does not let Matt in! Can’t talk
James into going for the green in 2 on the 3rd.

moregolfplz says:

Twitchard and Rory have very similar swings, except Twtichard has better

Michael Ruppel says:

that par 5 looks AMAZING

Lebryant Jordanicus Walton says:

i dont know about everyone else, but i think the 45 mins-1 hour videos were

Elaine Swatton says:

I think the TM marketing may be getting to you Mark!

Gamer_HD272 says:

thinking of going there for the golf holiday this year would you recommend 

Robert Davies says:

Haha Mark on the second hole”it was a good shot” chunk you could here him
hit the ground first,great vid cheers.

tyleriac says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jake Reddick says:

Lockey is a god. His short game is awesome to watch. Twitchards not so
twitchy anymore.

Tyler Orr says:

haha lofty lofty and then theres spinny hahahaha

Solomon Spydro says:

Mark you should play a bit of alternative shots like in the Ryder cup, to
but some pressure on your partner and get lockey involved ahaha

Simon Barnard says:

Coach lockey, only pro Other manuf supply TM clubs to!!!

piroon techapongtada says:

Keep these vids up guys, love the show!
A fan from Bangkok, Thailand

Charles Austin says:

I like the graphics in the top right that have the score and hole
information sometimes it’s hard to follow along with these vids

3steveo3 says:

“I wanted to chip that for my fans” 😀
Awesome vid and some good golf played by James twitch…..

JimmyDundon says:

Love the vids, from Australia. 

Stephane Gauthier says:

amazing course! 

PaveLowExpert says:

Damn Twitchard is a beast, finally some decent competition!

Urs Sonderegger says:

I feel with Blockey :-)

Padraig Walsh says:

Watching euro pro and Kevin is playing

Alan Parr says:

Why are you playing off the competition tees? 

Dan Muldoon says:

Great play James. You are really dialed in.

PuttsInOurGuttsTV Golf says:

Omg! Pause at 3:05

XesserX says:

Great 3 Lockey! We’re all proud of you! :-)

Stu Dunn says:

I know I signed up specifically to watch Lockey.

Luke Mcdougall says:

Possibly the best course ive ever played, love it there

SuperDixxxie says:

AWESOME…Best vid to date…what a course, canna wait till next one…atb

jonathan martin says:

still waiting on one of you guys to pack a fat one on the course like Jason

petecabrina says:

What a stunning looking course…

Dave Collette says:

What a challenging course. Great vid cool and the gang!

arsenalfanrichi says:

Fair play to locky, he’s always a good sport.

Kieron Smyth says:

great vid, good fun how the game should b played,nice course no hiding
place thanks lads 

Wz Tr says:

The SLDR a’holes are really becoming quiet annoying, put that Speeder shaft
in I25 or 2.0 Tour etc and you get similar numbers.

antnbc says:

That is a nice looking and challenging course ! Great banter boys, keep it

Jalan Hart says:

typical Nicklaus course…everything sets up for a fade because jack sees
everything left to right

paul togher says:

hi mark was wondering ar you related to timmy mallet

wacky penguins says:

Update your whats in the bag update update update

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