Start your down swing going backwards!

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jaxortjackie05 says:

Genius, Bobby. I’ve been trying to stay onsides. Can’t do it if you raise up on backswing. Hard to invert and slide forward at the same time. Ya no puede caminar con eso!

Sam G says:

I have been following your videos and finally was able to get to the range to practice.
After two days at the range, here's the result:
1. I almost immediately gain at least 10 yards on every club
2. I got rid of the banana ball, surprise to see some draws. However, I started to hook some of the shots.
3. I am not "working" as hard as before in the down swing.
4. I don't have to steer the club to try to straighten the ball
I am sure I am not doing it totally right but it's a good start for me. However, I seems to "forget" to shift weight in my down swing being focusing on the hand movement.
Should I still be considering the lower body weight shift while starting the down swing?
Also, do you have any suggestion or drills on how to rotate the shoulder correctly?

Thanks a bunch!

Gordon T. says:

Bobby at 5:35 you say “that happened” can you please explain what you mean.
Love your dry sense of humour?

Sam G says:

I really appreciate all the good instruction posted on youtube.
I came back to golf about 3 months ago after 8 years…..lost a lot of touch and had to re learn again. All the great and unselfish instructor like you, had helped my learning so much.
Thank you !!!

Steve Pfeifenroth says:

OMG bobby you made me laugh so hard. la coo racha.

MrKydaman says:

Love it Bobby, you're the best.

Jeff Monik says:

nice sunday morning sermon- amen Father Lopez.

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