Steve Stricker Golf Swing Analysis: Consistency vs. Distance

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Steve Stricker Golf Swing Analysis: Consistency vs. Distance (Golf's #1 Lag Doctor)

As we know Steve Stricker is one of the top golfers on the PGA Tour for the last 4 or 5 years. I am sure you have heard a lot of great things about his golf swing. But what is the reason for his large discrepancy in distance and consistency.

Steve is one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour, but also one of the shorter players.

His consistency stems from his superb body control. His hips and shoulders do not spin out of control or get over active. He could also pick up some easy speed by downcocking to start the downswing and gaining lag and release.

I look forward to working with you very soon on the website. Good luck with your game!!

Clay Ballard



Jenton Mastema says:

Extremely helpful video. I’m a member at RotarySwing and I’ve always liked
Clay’s instruction. Stricker is a local boy to me and one of my favorite
players. That said, I’m still going to continue working hard on creating
as much lag as I can with these drills. It’s helping so far! -Andrew´╗┐

sonicdeviant says:

Agree that most hacker golfers like me would do better simply copying
Stricker’s swing with its minimal wrist set. I’d kill to hit a 280 drive
and in the fairway.´╗┐ Golf Instruction says:

Absolutely. He has a lot of good motions in his swing, he also has much
more lag and release and better sequencing than the average player.
Overall, he has a nice swing. Just a couple of areas where he could do even
better. ~Clay Ballard

prorobo says:

He’s still extremely long in comparison to your average player though.

Roq Shard says:

This so called “downcock” is an optical illusion created by the camera
angle. What’s actually happening in Garcia’s swing is that the club is
falling backwards at the top of the backswing away from the camera, in
order to create a flatter downswing path. It just makes it look like the
angle is increasing. Most people are limited to about a 90 degree angle,
since anything much more than that is just anatomically not possible – try

Brad Morris says:

I like your analysis, but man, Stricker led the PGA tour in 2013 in Scoring
Average, Par 4 Scoring Average, and Birdies on par 5’s. There isn’t one
thing I would change about Stricker’s swing. I wouldn’t even suggest it.
Now Sergio? Yuck.

Roger Ederle says:

Steve Stricker’s golf swing has been lauded for its simplicity and
consistency. He is playing very good golf with his current swing. Why would
anyone suggest that he needs to make changes in order to gain driving
distance? Sticker obviously values accuracy over raw distance. Amateurs
would do better to copy his swing than most any other pro. Golf Instruction says:

The move seems more severe in a swing that is on a flat plane. Sergios
swign gives the appearance that he is cockign his wrists more than he
really is. The camera would need to be at around a 45 degree angle shooting
downward to get the most realistic view. There is still downcock happening
in the swing. Most people can get 20-30 degrees of radial deviation and the
rest will come from the angle of the grip in the hand. Hope this helps.
~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

He does have a solid swing. I like a lot of his movements. I was just
commenting on a simple way he could improve his distance with only a little
effort. If anything, this would make his consistency even better, since he
could put out even less effort to get the same distance or better. Good
luck with your game! ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

I agree he is a great player. He is always around the top in strokes gained
putting. He makes a ton of putts from 5-15 ft, and almost everything from 5
ft and in. This is on of the reasons his scoring averages are so low
(.727). I am not saying that he has to change this, only talking about the
cause and effect it has with speed. The only person that could make the
decision of whether the change is right for him is Stricker himself. Good
luck with your game Brad. ~Clay Ballard

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