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Former caddie Steve Williams talks about his career and carrying the bag for Tiger Woods.

Yeah, Tiger's like a lot of athletes
that have this ability to play their best
when it means the most.
I mean, Michael Jordan seemed to always step his game up
a little bit when it came to the playoffs,
and you could say that red shirt that he had on
had some kind of dye that ran into his veins.
Something about that red shirt
made him play better on Sundays.
Being able to caddie for Tiger
at the Open championship, St. Andrews,
that's one tournament that I've always loved,
one tournament I've always would have loved to have won.
One day I always thought, gee, how great
it would be to be walking up that th hole,
across the Swilken Bridge, you know,
and all the people behind you,
to one of the most famous settings in golf,
carrying the bag of hopefully the Open champion.
So in that dream came true.
You know, I still sort of
get goose bumps thinking about coming up that th hole.
And to think of how many people
over the years have crossed that Swilken Bridge.
Every player that's played the game of golf
at any great level as a professional
has walked across that bridge and had the experience
of playing St. Andrews, so there's been many great
memories for all the players I've caddied for,
but that that's one that's special,
the first Open championship that Tiger won at St. Andrews.
You know, Tiger is one of the greatest players
that's ever played the game.
He's in a period now where he's not playing
at the level he would expect,
but the guy that has the incredible work ethic like he does,
and incredible desire and dedication to the game,
it's be surprising to me that he wouldn't come back.
I'd only just been working with Tiger, started in ,
but when he won the PGA Championship that year,
he was sort of struggling down the stretch
and Sergio was having a phenomenal run
coming down the stretch.
It was a great battle.
At the par- there, I changed,
well not changed, but when Tiger asked me to read the putt,
and I sort of overruled what he said.
I remembered the putt in practice.
We had putted maybe not exactly that hole location,
but I knew that's probably where the Sunday hole
location was gonna be, and I remember
the putt didn't break as much as probably what we thought,
and when it came to having that putt on the Sunday,
he said it was outside the hole and I said, no,
definitely this putt's inside the hole.
And he went ahead and holed the putt,
went on to win the tournament, and after the tournament
presented me with a great photo of that moment
with a great read on the hole or whatever it said.
That was a special moment,
and our partnership was probably cemented right there,
possibly if had missed that putt,
gone on to lose the tournament,
I might not have lasted the week
or things might not have panned out the way they did,
so that was a sort of, for me that was a defining moment.

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Steve Williams on Being Tiger Woods' Caddie | Golf Digest


Allen C. says:

The people who would know about 2019 masters win was his caddie. Guess what? He called it 4 yrs ago. All the commentators were only pundits. The people who know him predicted that if he kept playing he'd win again. I think Tiger is correct to only play the important tournaments at this point in his playing career. And he has qualified for all of them with his masters win.

thenameisyosh says:

HE CALLED IT. Back in 2015.

russel pacheco says:

If Steve is so great what happened to Adam Scott?

JB says:

one of the greatest players ..the 2nd greatest ever

RUSH FAN says:

Nothing more pathetic than retarded comments from NON-caddies.
Like he said, players and caddies are a partnership.
Caddies do way more than just carrying clubs.
He was playing at his peak, with the help n knowledge from Steve.

stackleft says:

this idiot acts like he hits shots. carry the bag bitch and clean my clubs.

Sham Gawd says:

For anyone who does not know – Steve was a great piece to Tigers success. Their team-work, coordination, pin point distances for a player as accurate as Tiger, great green reads when Tiger needed the help.. the list goes on and on. Steve could be the greatest caddie of all time.

DrkViol801 says:

fuck this snitch, typical Kiwi who came from nothing and doesn't know what to do with himself now that he's got money BECAUSE of Tiger

Joshua Paik says:

Ya I don't think white people can say a black person treats them like a say. especially a caddy

j.r raphard says:

Then tiger spit in his face and told him "go get my clubs bitch" o believe tiger fired this guy and he is upset boy boy peckawoods

danger2709 says:

Steve Williams desperately needs to learn humility and gratitude. He is possibly the luckiest man in sport , yet acts like he is the star.

No class.

poo bum says:

steve ' s a great kiwi and a very successful man
good on him and thanks for being a great human being – I think what you and your whanau do for charity is great – If you want a good read his book is fair in its personal assessments of events only he that was there would know – Mana intact
Kia kaha

TXGOLF76502 says:

It is very sick and dumb that Williams talks about Tiger's wins almost as if they were HIS achievements…. I wonder when he is going to realize that all he did was carry a legends clubs.

Jay Young says:

Yes, indeed.  "Mine time with Tiger," instead of this I was treated like a slave.  Since Stevie has never been a slave, how would he know just how it was to be treated like one?  I don't know of any "slave" who retired with Stevie's bank account!  Treated like a slave?  Nah!  Hyperbole at its finest.

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