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STOP HITTING THE GROUND BEHIND THE GOLF BALL.. In this video I show you how to stop hitting the ground before the golf ball. Hitting the ground before the ball with irons? or even hitting the ground before the ball with driver? stop catching golf shots fat and stop mishitting your irons. Theres nothing more annoying than hitting bad irons shots after hitting a good drive. I show you a quick easy drill you can work on to help improve your ball striking and hit straighter irons, hit longer irons and hit better golf shots in general.

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Great drill, really like the look of this one. Many thanks.

Rodd Underwood says:

Great information once again mate

BeachBow says:

Did you get a hair cut?

Tony Broad head says:

Great content as usual James this is my biggest problem off to range now thanks ?????

Tony Broad head says:

Great content

Christopher Davis says:

Great video James! Cheers

mark brook says:

simple to follow as always James thanks
How about doing the next phase starting the downswing
I find that the hardest to get right!

Liang Chaw says:

Thanks James. Also really needed this video

Stephen Malolepszy says:

Hey james. On a side note. I'd love to see you do some golf club comparison with BOX SET CLUBS. Like to see how they fare against better clubs. Especially when compared to a mid handicapped golfer. Thanks. Cheers.

Stephen Malolepszy says:

Perfect drill. Thanks james.

Gary B. says:

Does this only apply to shots with your irons?

Warren Mays says:

Great idea!

I just got back from a 3 month lay-off from golf. My first game back last week I was shoveling dirt like a ditch digger! This will be a great drill before I go out again.


Vic Romano says:

Great vid. Agreed with everything except me hitting the 300 yard drive ?

Fortnite Daily clips says:

What was your handicap around 13 years of age

Lil Roblox girl Roblox says:

Beautiful tip james???

Paul Walmsley says:

You're smashing it James. Loving this channel and the content is top class

Stuart Murdoch says:

Great to see the swing tips and drills, the mix of content is perfect James, keep it going.

Alex Deel says:

Hey James another great tip.

Mark Spriggs says:

Great simple instruction. Thanks James

Darrell Burnside says:

HAHEHE. You opened up describing the prefect duffer ?

John Hocking says:

Thanks great tipJames

Paul Curotto says:

Hi James great drill. I can be striking the ball really well and then the fat shots creep in. I am 100% sure it's because I move across. I will practice that drill on the range tomorrow thank you?

Rob Matthews says:

Great tip, James. I like your teaching and its simplicity. This is what works!

Tommie Thatcher says:

Great tip James really appreciate it, happy new year to you and your family. Roll on 2019 it’s going to be a great golfing year especially for your channel

Patrick Scribner says:

Cracking advice this, loving the quick tips James!

Gordon Vance says:

Great tips James, thank you

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