Stop Rushing the Downswing Trick

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Do you feel like you need to crush the ball to get a decent hit? Are you hitting with force and not getting anywhere? How would you like to have control of your downswing? Maybe you're rushing in the down swing and sacrificing contact. How do we get a nice smooth swing and keep all the distance? Slow down your swing, gain more control, and keep that distance we're all looking for! In this stop rushing the downswing trick video we cover some tips to effectively gain more control and be more consistent as you transfer through different parts of the swing. Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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José Manuel González says:

I have a question regarding the torso movement in the downswing : The torso moves 'only' because the hips pulls it or the golfer 'can' help with an extra effort the acceleration of the torso? thanks, in advance!

Zhang Grace says:

Wow shallow out, such a new concept!!!

Abanda Gypsy says:

When I load up tp come down, I make to deep of a divot when I hit the ball; why???

sebastian vasquez says:

Thanks for the tips. I just subbed

Edward Brost says:

I do not see any key here to stop you from rushing your downswing

Rooster Cogburn says:

Like the picture in picture. Helps to see a swing.

bill enright says:

This is REAL hard to do if you're not REALLY flexible. Great swing idea if you're young and pliable.

Bullwinkle says:

I spent 3 hours yesterday trying this stuff and did not hit a good iron shot once.

Ivan Karpov says:

I love the repeated video of the full swing on the side. super helpful 🙂

theconman says:

bullshit got me too early….abt 90degree shoulder and 45 hips….i was struggling already with someone called clay.

Play2Win1958 says:

What I need to practice good one Clay !

atc237 says:

Man, I can’t get the shallowing the damned club out

Albert Milstein says:

If you watch Clay's full swing, he does not actually make the shallowing and bowing move on his downswing.

Sp33dyBeanz says:

losing 20-30 yards but hitting it straighter would make a huge difference in a lot of peoples games hahahahahaha

Bob T says:

3:00  Interesting – if you turn enough you'll have more time to pickup speed and swing smoothly down.  Bobby Jones said the exact same thing in his film series made back in the 1930's!  Everything old becomes new again!

Khaled Daghestani says:

Good instructions as usual, I enjoy watching your videos always.

Scott Rogerson says:

Awesome video

selamat pagi says:


Otto Kriete says:

Aside from the great instruction, I really love that Mr Ballard wastes little time in getting to the point in his videos. So often, instructors spend too much time describing the problem and selling themselves before getting to the point.

Brian Osentoski says:

Love this simple explaination. Brilliant!!…Exactly why and when I start to hurry my downswing and lose my Tempo, Rhythm, and Timing. I usually come right over the top as a result…Thanks!

iggyb49 says:

Does the shallowing and bowing of the club also apply to the driver?

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